A Christmas Sheepie that sings

If anyone has a Menards close to their home. They have the most adorable stuffed sheepie that sings or sorta sings/bark combination christmas songs.

It is really cute couldn't resist and only 15.00
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Walmarts carried them last year and the year before for aprox the same price. I loved them so much..I bought three!! Too funny watching my "boys" do the head tilt while it was singing.

I can't remember which member posted last Christmas that there sheepie would attack the singing sheepie and carry it around the house. LOL!

Marianne and the boys
We bought 3 last year and sent one to Joe's family in England for Christmas. We love them.
Is this the same one?


If so we have had this one for 2 years, it nearly did not make it last year to christmas as Kelsey was ready to rip it's head off 8O I call it the evil santa sheepie, as it stirs her up so much. 8) :lol: It lived upstairs last christmas where is was safe from the terminator :roll: :wink:
Or this one?
Yes that is it. Phoebe looks at it and barks, once she's done with that she tilt's her head back and forth wondering what it is. I put it up high because I know she will try and carry it around too.
Nothing like that in Norway :?
I would have bought one , it was cute :lol:
My friend's have this Sheepie - it's so cute - but alas there isn't one to be found in my house. . . at least not yet!!! :wink:
If anyone wants one let me know I will buy it and ship it to you. My company has a fed ex account so shipping is free
Oops how embaressing...I wrote there instead of their. 8) :oops:

>>Makes mental note to self...do not type when tired. Umm I always say that!

Marianne and the boys
Those things are really cute. I've never seen one here. But, then, I rarely go to Wal-mart. I'm more of a Target shopper. I'll have to make a trip to Wally world and check it out. :wink:
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