Young Boy at NJ Humane Society

Can someone spring this gorgeous 1 yr old boy out? His family couldn't make room for him now that they have a baby. ... id=6204808
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This Humane Soceity is a dreadful place! They will not work with Rescue.
They are only interesting in SELLING the dogs themselves!
They have several locations in NJ. I visited the one in Newark NJ, awful place! Donations don't go where they should either.
Shouldn't a rescue just pay to spring him then? Isn't that one of the things funding is for? They will neuter him and vaccinate him etc before adopting him out, so their fees are just to cover their expenses, same as a rescue. If a rescue pays to spring him they can simply charge the adopting family the cost, but at least he would be out of a cage and into foster care til he is adopted by *hopefully* more oes knowledgeable people?
I agree Stacey. I would think it's just another cost for rescue groups.
When I lived in NJ I had contacts at this hi-kill shelter (both in Newark and Tinton Falls locations) and they released several sheepies to NEOESR with no fee. They were very rescue friendly at the time. I have since moved to FL and have lost contact.

In this case, I was pro-active. I had all of the paperwork the shelter required to release a dog to rescue faxed in advance -- just in case a sheepie ever came in. I was also on their Yahoo group message list... When the sheepies came in they called me!! We then picked up and found these dogs forever homes.

I suggest you make more phone calls to shelter management and have your paperwork and a foster home all in line.

Has the shelter changed their policy regarding working with rescue groups? Does this shelter not work with ANY rescue groups any more?

(Now I need to do the same for the FL is a very time consuming procedure -- it is a great job for some one that wants to help rescue but can not transport or foster...)
What do you have to do to adapt him or rescue/foster him. I called & hes still there but they dont know anything about him other than what the site says.
They have changed. Shelia (Twin Colonies Rescue) tried to get the one they had a few monnhs ago.
Maybe they didn't have the paperwork that they needed to release the dog from Sheila's rescue group?

Maybe you could try representing OESRNSE?

It's been a few years since I worked with them but iIf I remember right, they needed a copy of our adoption contact and the mission statement and proof of 501 (c) 3... Also, be prepared to pick up and foster -- once they say yes you can have the dog they usually want the dog out of there ASAP.

Or maybe someone representing NEOESR could try....

Sometimes a different person gets a different answer....

Don't give up just because someone says it can't happen. Dig in your heels and go for it!

Marie (with my house and hands full in FL)
I called about this guy yesterday. His fee is $220 and, I may be wrong, but I thought they told me he had to be neutered also before he left. The women who answered the phone was quite busy with incoming phone calls but took the time to answer my questions. They had another older OES there about a month ago who was adopted rather quickly.
I just checked -- the Yahoo group for rescue groups working with AHS in Newark is still VERY active ....

I do not believe Tinton Falls ever got their own Yahoo group for rescues going -- but I am sure I did go pick up a dog there for NEOESR a few years ago.

Both shelters share the same website -- and I would hope they would share rules too....

Maybe the $220 fee put Shelia's rescue off? I don't know.
I know she has a "Charlie" she has been looking to place for quite a while. If anyone is interested email me privately & I will put you in touch wit Shelia.
She also had "Jackson". I was able to find a home for him.

I cannot foster w/ my alpha males. If anyone has any ideas for the Tinton Falls boy. I will be happy to transport & help with vetting & money. sue
Many shelters waive the adoption fee for a legitimate rescue group....

I only ever had to pay a fee once -- that was at the Wantage NJ pound. $35.00... for a very cute mix (so mixed he was brown).. The adopting family was in Maine and couldn't get to the pound before they closed so I picked him up for them.

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