8mth old needs new home

Hello all,

I have been lurking here ever since we got out OES pup. Unfortunately, she is just too much for us at this time in our lives. I am doing my masters plus full time work, my husband is away alot, and out kids help out alot for their age, but their just to young to walk her etc. We also found out the weekend we got her I am expecting, so we are having a new baby in a couple months.

She is 8mths old, purebred, not spayed, one blue one brown eye. We are in Regina Canada.

I feel sick about this, but I really want her to go to a great home, and I know right now we cannot give her the time she needs.

Thank you!
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Have you contacted the breeder you got her from?

Many breeders have a clause in their contract that you return the dog if you can no longer keep him/her. Even if you don't have that agreement with your breeder, he or she would hopefully help with re-homing or help get you in contact with a rescue in your area. Responsible breeders are always concerned for the welfare of their puppies.

If that is not an option for you, there is rescue contact information on the Old English Sheepdog Club of Canada page:

Please let us know if you are able to find assistance or if you need additional contacts.
Sorry to hear things haven't worked out, can you please join so members can send you private messages with their contact info, or please send me a private message as I know someone who is desperate to have an oes again and would provide an excellent home.
Hi I am the same person, as Cdnpilotwife, I just screwed up my last log in. I have put pics in my sig now. They will be up as soon as admin approves.


She's a doll. I hope you and Stacey can talk--sounds like there could be a great new home for your pup.
Ok, I've put them in touch, and they are so excited that they might finally be able to get an oes again I think they were almost in tears.
I hope this works out for all involved.
Please keep us posted! :)
OMG, She is just BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope this works out.
Well Stacey, thank you so much. I have been in touch via voicemail tag and am looking forward to telling the prospective couple all about Mags.

I feel like I could cry, but it is getting less a sick feeling and more a happy feeling.

I think God might have answered all my prayers from sleepless night the past few weeks.

I am going to be crushed to see her go, esp as she was such a joy to our family and esp to my daughter, but sometimes decisions have to be made with the brain and not the heart. My husband is military, the timing is wrong, and both our families are far away. We thought we would be trying for this pregnancy alot longer. and boom we got preg and maggie the same time.

I want to say thank you for your support, not just now. Like I said I have been reading everything from grooming to crateing since we got her on here. I knew this would be the best avenue for help. Thank you for supporting and not judeging us. I was really nervous to come forward, but now so glad I have!!

Elise, I am sure this has been a very difficult decision for you, made in the best interest of both your dog and your family. What you are doing is to be respected and I admire you for taking the initiative to find a good home for your girl!! :ghug:
Hi :) .

I just sent an email to Caesaroo (from this forum)in Edmonton who might
know someone in her area looking for a sheepie. The last time she managed to adopt a sheepie from Fort McMurray.

Good Luck.
Uncle pete :)
I just emailed her with my phone Number, I will take her and keep her for myself unless my parents want her, she is so sweet.
Yes! I love it when the forum comes together and we can help someone. :yay:
Thank you for coming here and trying to find her a good home. I know it must be extremely difficult made more so because she happens to be exceptionally cute. I'm sure she will find a new loving home that will have the ability to meet her needs.
I have talked to cdnpilotswife on the phone and asked her to please make sure the pup is spayed before placing her. She can then charge an adoption fee to cover the cost of the spay and weed out some people.
Stacy, Have you heard back from her? I called and left a message for her.
casearoo wrote:
Stacy, Have you heard back from her? I called and left a message for her.

Nope... not in a while.
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