yuck my house smells

I had bought some clams on Sat. used them last night. :cry: the smell is awful. My refrig had the smell, had to spray it, I sprayed the whole house 3 times with (order band) got up this morning and still a faint order.

This ever happen to you.

The clams we ok to eat. but I have never had this smell before.
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I don't know how well this will work, but I've heard that boiling a tablespoon in a cup of water will absorb the odors from the air. Good luck!
Reminds me of something that happened almost 25 years ago. When my son was 3 my husband adopted him. Back in those days when a child was adopted it was a huge deal, home visits were done and both the adoptive parent and the natural parent had to undergo rigorous "checking".

The day before the home visit was my step sons birthday and he had requested shrimp and clams for dinner, which we cooked. The day of the home visit dawned and the house SMELLED TERRIBLE. It was summer and HOT and there was NO WAY to get the smell gone. I sprayed and sprayed and sprayed but all it did was make things worse. I was totally embarressed when the Social Worker arrived.

We were both approved but I often wondered what she thought!!!!!!!!!!!!

Candles, try candles!
We had a HORRIBLE smell in our car this winter...I honestly think a mouse or something climbed underneath and died. We tried everything to locate the smell and get rid of it but never had any luck. Finally, someone suggested leaving an open container with a few charcoal briquettes inside the vehicle for a few days. I was doubful but willing to try anything at that point. It was like a miracle! The smell completely went away.

The house would be a bigger area so you might need to leave several bowls with charcoal around (out of reach of the animals of course). You want the plain charcoal not the type that have been soaked in lighter fluid.
I know that leaving bowls of white vinegar around helps get rid of smoke and cooking smells...don't know if that would work here. :lmt:
Vanilla flavoring in the fridge works wonders. Maybe it would work?
I've used kitty litter in a car before to get stink out.
Baking soda in your fridge absorbs smells so wonder if a bowl of it in your kitchen would help?

Or better yet, how about some poupouri..like at Christmas time ! You cut up oranges or apples and cinnamon sticks, for example ,and slow cook them on the stove. House smells yummy!
I got the smell out of the house but I still smell it in the refrig. not as strong but there. ( :cry: ) this is a brand new refrig too! :cry:
We just got a Fridge from one of our friends. He just redid his Kitchen and even though the Fridge was only 2 years it no longer matched. Lucky for us! The problems was it wreaked of Fish!
Two of the Arm and Hammer Fridge Packs of Baking Soda and the smell is gone.
Has this ever happened to me? hmm....

I grew up in a Korean home with everything a guest doesn't want to smell coming out of our fridge. Of course you don't smell it when you live there.

I would brush my teeth several times and Mr. J would still tell me I'm banned from coming over when I eat at home. :oops: I just think he has an amazing nose b/c no one else would tell me I smelt like fish through the mouth when I would force my friends to take a whiff. Then again, my husband thinks the world thinks I do weed when I chew the green EXTRA gum. I asked my girl friends, and they just said it smelt like apple (which is the flavor), and "how would your husband know what weed smells like..." :lol:

Anyway, I think my mom got a good handle of things by always putting things away right away and keeping it in the garage fridge. Lots of baking soda too.
I knew a girl named Kim.... she should have been named Kimchi.
Try this it works pretty well. LOL learned it from a brit show called How Clean is Your House? Take a lemon, cut it in half and hollow out the halves. Leave some juice behind and then fill the rinds with salt. The salt takes care of the odors and lemon leaves your fridge smelling lemon fresh.
Try cleaning with a lemon or lemon smelling produects removes strong odours!
Mr. J would still tell me I'm banned from coming over when I eat at home.

It's not the breath, it's the body odor. I could tell whenever my husband has lunch at a certain restaurant......he reeked as he came through the door.......long before he tried to kiss me. Some smells come through the sweat and linger on your skin and clothes. He would diguise his breath with gum or mints and was hurt when I still complained of his BO.

I was very thankful when that restaurant closed!
That's why I don't eat tacos with a lot of onion anymore. Danita can't stand how I smell the next day... There's something about them that give me a strange BO 8O

About the fridge, The Arm / Hammer packs do wonders. Try cleaning the fridge with lysol, that thing is awesome. The baking soda should take care of the rest.
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