A beautiful male in TX

I recently got this e-mail from a friend who has a male. Pics to follow...

Also, we have decided to sell Bentley, our male sheepdog. We were wondering if you might be interested in him. I am recuperating from knee surgery and cannot have any injuries to my knee at all and bentley has brushed up against me a few times and because of the 4 surgeries I have had, it does frighten me even though he would never hurt me. It has taken us a long time to reach this difficult decision and wanted to see if you might be interested in him. We will be asking $500.00. He has fathered some beautiful white headed, blue eyed pups and he is a wonderful dog.

We have three already, and cannot possibly manage another! I will supply contact info if anyone is interested.
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Where in TX, i will need more info if you want to give me their contact stuff

This guy is in Granbury, south and east of Ft. Worth. If you're serious, I can call him and get either some pics, or see if he would let me give out his phone number, then you can talk to him directly.

Let me know
Yes i am very serious, i need to know how old he is, ya know regular stuff, to see if he would work well with my dog Penny. I would greatly appraicte it, if you would get a hold of him.

Thanks, Shannon
Hi Shannon, Were you just interested in getting another Sheepie or interested in getting a male for breeding? Kaye
I am not interested in breeding at all, while i know how to take of a sheepie, i do not believe i am qualified to help bring in new babies to the world. This would be strictly a pet, well part of the family really!!!

Don't you still have a passel of puppies? I seem to recall that you were nursing a batch back to health.

To Shannon in Abilene,
The dog in Granbury is an adult male, about 4 years old, and he has been kept with other dogs, so I know he socializes well. The guy there is hard to get hold of, because he is caring for his wife, but I'll keep trying. When I get his number, I'll PM you, OK?
Yah. Shug took in some homeless newborns and is getting them ready for adoption.

I asume your friend is going to neuter his dog before he "sells" him?
I sent Shannon a PM, so she can handle it from there.
Ken, you are the facilitator of the transaction. I would think you would share some responsibilty for making sure he is altered before he is "sold".

Actually, I also want to point out that this section is supposed to be for "Rescuing a Sheepdog"...not a buy and selling of sheepdogs. Maybe you are not familiar with the concept or understand the difference? It sounds in your email that you are suggesting he is a great sire for someone looking for a stud dog. That is totally against the "rescue" theme.

I would understand why you would have would posted him here if he was homeless and in need or rescue, but your friend is looking to sell him for $500. That is not a dog in need of rescue. Unless your friend will donate the $500 to a rescue organisation or to OES.org to help with the runing of it, as a kind of "fee" for the advertising here.

There are plenty of places that your friend and you can advertise dogs for sale, butplacing it in a "Rescue" thread can be a tad deceiving. That's the way I see it, but then I do rescue work so know a dog needing rescue from a dog that is for sale.

Am I missing something?
I guess I don't see myself as a "facilitator." I just passed on information that I thought would be helpful. If not, fine. People can ignore it. I assume Shannon can decide if this is a dog she is interested in, or if she wants a more traditional rescue dog. I have no interest or involvement in either party's decision. I assume they can make those as responsible adults.

As for me, we got one of our dogs from someone who did not want her/appreciate her. They sold her to me for money, and yet, in my own heart, I believe that I "rescued" her from a family that did not care for her to one who does. I am sorry if that does not meet the strict criterion of this thread. You will note that I did NOT put it in the DOGS IN TROUBLE thread, which I assumed was for immediate, scary situations, which this, obviously, is not.
A Rescue: A dog that is abandoned, abused or neglected.
A Re-Home: A dog that has been cared for but needs to find a new home. You often find these dogs in "rescues".
For Sale: Someone selling their dog for profit or because they no longer want it. Some sell to "better the breed" also.

All are dogs that someone no longer wants or simply cannot keep for reasons beyond their control. I have dogs in each of these categories.

Any categories I've missed?
Thank you Ken for the #, i will be giving them a call. This probably may not happen b/c i do NOT have an extra 500$ layin around but if they will work with me, and know that a great home is a great home no matter what somebody did or DID NOT pay for him. Also just an FYI i would prefer that they get him neutered, if they want him to breed or whatever then word is, then my home would not be the best.

I am not sure what is going to happen, only time will tell. Sorry if this theard is not what is "suppossed" to be on oes.org. I never meant to offend anyone :wink:

srw808 wrote:
Sorry if this theard is not what is "suppossed" to be on oes.org. I never meant to offend anyone :wink:


I am sure you did not offend anyone. You are responding to the suggestion that a dog is in need of a home...nothing wrong with that at all! And most shelters, reputable breeders, and and I hope all rescues will spay/neuter before placeing an adult pet dog, so that would be a normal expectation.
Just to clarify,

There has never been a policy regarding selling a dog on oes.org. There may be in the future.

There IS a policy against advertising LITTERS for sale.

Most rescues charge money as an "adoption fee" for the privilege of saving an animal, I've heard of adoption fees from respected OES rescue organizations as high as $200 or maybe even $250. The line is blurry about what is selling a dog vs. adopting a dog. Would I have to say that only 501(c)(3) organizations can list here? Would I have to pre-screen every petfinders listing posted here and determine their legitimacy as a rescue organization? We had a case recently right here on this forum of an intact dog going to a rescue organization and then being adopted back out still intact, with tragic consequences.

Many people have invested a LOT of money into their sheepdogs. Forgetting about this particular situation, imagine a family that has plunked down $1200 for buying an OES, and find that a large dog is not for them. Who could blame them for not wanting to go to an OES rescue and paying an owner turn-in fee on top of that? Who could blame them for at least TRYING to get some money back for their dog (so they can go and buy a chihuahua), while TRYING to place him or her in a great home?

I am pretty certain that the folks unhappy about this thread wouldn't be quite so unhappy if this dog were neutered. So the problem they are REALLY having with this thread has nothing whatsoever to do with the sale of a dog, but with the sale of an intact dog, and perhaps in the future there will be a policy about altered/not altered dogs for sale. I don't know.

If this seller is or was a breeder, then it's likely this dog won't be going to a rescue and this dog WILL be sold to someone. I can't think of a better place than this forum for trying to find someone willing to acquire an intact dog that won't be used for backyard breeding in the future. For instance, look at Shannon's intentions. Perhaps someone may even offer to pay the guy to turn his dog over to rescue (who will hopefully ensure a neuter).

I want to discourage irresponsible backyard breeding of OES as much as anyone here. This site is EVERYTHING about Old English Sheepdogs, not just rescue. I'm sorry if that offends people.
Personally, I don't care if you post this or not.
I put a post in here from a local paper about someone selling their OES. It was pulled off by one of the mods and that mod let me know and gave me an explanation (that didn't have to do with being altered or not) which I was fine with because I was just trying to help.

Just like you said though ron.... what a better place than here? Which is exactly what I was thinking.

Anyway I am just trying to clear up what I have been wondering about what I can or can not post.

Thanks for reading

sorry for the trouble ZORRO!! :)
A simple solution is to add the appropriate category if you want to allow the sale of dogs. I can foresee breeders frequenting the site in order to dump their no longer prime breeding stock so they can purchase younger dogs though. What a pickle. :?

I've heard of adoption fees from respected OES rescue organizations as high as $200 or maybe even $250. The line is blurry about what is selling a dog vs. adopting a dog.

"Rescuing" A Sheepdog... Rescue groups often put a lot more into some dogs than what they could ever hope to recoup. Examples are surgeries for hip dysplasia, heartworm treatment, etc. and add to that the price of bringing shots all up to date, hw testing and spay/neutering. Some vets give rescues a discount while others charge full price for their services.

I was told I didn't have to pay anything to adopt Panda even though a donation amount was in the adoption contract. I felt it was right to send $300 to reimburse them for her crate and plane flight to us. I donated $500 to a rescue for Kaytee. Yes, my cleft palate/blind pup... that was not including the $450 for a plane ticket/flight bag for her to fly in-cabin with someone to Michigan. She was my most expensive "rescue". Most rescue groups have little hope of getting more than $250 for one of their dogs... but then they aren't in it for the money but rather the love of the breed.

I am pretty certain that the folks unhappy about this thread wouldn't be quite so unhappy if this dog were neutered.

Yes... the danger I see in individuals selling an intact dog that is AKC registered is that people with no experience will assume that stupid piece of paper means the dog is a prime example of the breed and SHOULD be bred without doing any research and pretesting. I THOUGHT AKC PAPERS MEANT THEY WERE THE BEST! Ignorant me later learned that it only means mama and papa were full OES. 8O

I would not like to see the "Rescuing A Sheepdog" category used for the sale of dogs... that is not what rescue is about. If the PetFinder listings I've been posting are a problem, just let me know... I can stop posting them. I had been told in the past by one individual in rescue not to post to the members of this board but felt it was extremely arrogant of them to assume only a rescue could do it right.

This site is EVERYTHING about Old English Sheepdogs, not just rescue. I'm sorry if that offends people.

Since this sight is for everything about this breed we love so much, a more accurate heading would be "Dogs For Sale" or "Selling A Sheepdog". But, it's not my board. :wink:
6Girls wrote:
What a pickle.
6Girls wrote:
Since this sight is for everything about this breed we love so much, a more accurate heading would be "Dogs For Sale" or "Selling A Sheepdog". But, it's not my board. :wink:
I don't necessarily want to create a marketplace here, either.

Keep the opinions coming... I'm listening, and learning. :D
Thanks for clarifying that here, Ron, instead of a reply to my PM to you of 2 days ago. This makes much more sense so other people can see.

If you are refering to me as someone unhappy with this thread, it is not so much "unhappy' but concerned for OES.org. I thought that this place was a good place for responsible pet owners and breeders to get some information. I didn't think it was a place to promote irresponsible breeding and help people to dump their dogs for a profit. If I am mistaken please let me know, as I was just trying to help maintain the theme of this forum, or rather what I had always felt the theme was. Or maybe it has changed?

And I had assumed, obviously incorrectly, that when it was stated the "litters for sale" are not allowed that naturally carried through on to protect adults dogs, also. I would have thougth they would deserve the same respect. My apoligises for missing that, and not taking that statement literally..

Perhaps like Jaci suggested, a different section for Dogs for Sale as opposed to Rescueing a Sheepdog would help clarify the different situations?

But like Jaci said, not my forum :P :P
I really don't deserve such sarcasm.
Ron wrote:
I really don't deserve such sarcasm.

I agree.

I also agree that a one-off case of an individual, perhaps adult dog, that is being rehomed or sold for whatever personal reason, is a different situation than when a person advertises a whole litter for sale.

I am not sure what that means in terms of sections on this forum but I also agree that I don't really want to see an explicit Dogs for Sale category, even though the occassional post of that nature doesn't offend me.

And I think we all benefit from the open (polite) discussion and concern about spaying and neutering pets, promoting responsible breeding, and supporting rescue organizations.
Ron wrote:
I really don't deserve such sarcasm.

I know my post sounded sarcastic, but honestly, I wrote it and re-wrote it trying to take that tone out...but it still comes across that way. 8O I am being serious..Not sarcastic at all. :(

Gee, I wish we were sitting having tea... :lol: :lol:

My concern is always for the helpless dog whose future depends on its owner to do what's best for them. And I guess my experience in rescue has exposed me so much to the reality that the dog is the one that suffers from irreponsible ownership.

Sorry for being concerned for a dog I don't even know...( that was a bit of soft sarcasm thrown in to soften the mood... :wink: :wink: )
If your concern is for the unwanted dog that is trying to be sold here, then why would putting his info on the forum harm him? You think there are latent puppy millers hanging around oes.org looking to buy a stud dog to keep in inhumane conditions? I don't. Perhaps I'm naive.

It's never a good situation when a dog needs to be rehomed. Never ever. I'm just looking at it from the pragmatic standpoint. Just like you -- what's best for the dog?

The way I see it, this dog is going to be re-homed, one way or another. If the current owner isn't able to sell the dog, what will he do? Pay a turn-in fee for an OES rescue to take him? Turn him over to the county kill shelter for free? Put an ad in the local paper so that someone who knows nothing about OES will buy him? Or find someone from oes.org who might know what they're getting into, and will have support from the community if need be?

I also look at the situation and wonder if it is going to perpetuate a problem? Like "rescuing" dogs from the puppy store just empties the cage and creates a market and perpetuates the puppy mill problem. Is that the case here? I don't know. But from the way I read Ken's post it sounds like the guy is giving up his breeding days. We could ask.

So I don't know if there should be a hard and fast rule on dogs for sale on the forum. I just don't know. I have neither the wisdom of Solomon nor the patience and forbearence of Job. I'm just a computer guy who likes sheepdogs, and is trying to do the right thing, without really knowing what is the right thing to do.
I suppose I can see both sides of this, but really just saw ths posting as Preacher helping a friend out and another OES Lover who has taken the time to find our forum. His friend sounds like someone who has taken care of their dog but can no longer take care of him for health reasons. In my mind, Bentley is a rehome and the owner doesn't realize that the $500 is a high price for someone to pay.

Preacher knows that OES lovers visit our forum and wants to assist his friend in finding a new home. It doesn't mention that they want Bentley to remain intact. He just needs a good home and I think Shannon might be perfect. She has expressed how strongly she wants a sheepie and what a good home she can provide.

I don't want to see a For Sale category either. Maybe we can have a "Rehome", "Adoption"...something along those lines so that it isn't placed in "Rescue" or "In Trouble" categories.

Something else I was thinking, when we were waiting to get Foz I posted the link to my breeder's website. The site advertises that there were pups available. Is that something I shouldn't have posted? Just curious...Ron, Val?
I guess it depends on what type of website the breeder has, and ultimately what type of breeder they are.

A link to a hobby breeder is ok. A link to a commercial breeder isn't.

I recently posted about it and here is, I think, the salient part:
Ron wrote:
I want breeders who have signed and adhere to the OESCA Code of Ethics, preferably has championship lines, spends all sorts of money on health testing of the sire and dam, and is breeding for the betterment of the breed as a "hobby" for enjoyment, not someone who is looking to make an income from breeding.

There are probably exceptions...
Just some thoughts to further confuse the matter... :wink:

I think one reason the people that do the actual hands-on work in rescue are so passionate about this is because they are left to clean up the never ending messes of people who have been irresponsible, ignorant or neglegent. They see dogs that have been ruined, beaten down, mistreated, sick and suffering or simply used for profit then discarded when they are no longer useful. So one more intact dog entering an already over burdened world is seen as "adding to the overwhelming problem". And paying a good price for an intact dog usually means they're looking to breed. If they don't intend to breed it's just one more expense to add to the price of the dog.

There are reasons to sell dogs... unfortunately the Morality Police don't exist so there is no requirement to spay/neuter first. To some people dogs are simply dogs and they have little or no emotional connection with them. Keep it intact and sell it as a breeder for more money. Sell it and move on to another when it's more convenient or a breed now popular or simply another puppy. Or a financial situation may put someone in a bad place so they sell their dog... you just never know what life will throw at you or the decisions we may have to make in order to simply get by.

I don't think we would feel it was awful for a responsible breeder to sell their dogs if they spent the time required to make their breeding dogs into quality companions. If they're doing it right and continue to, they realistically can't keep them all and still be fair to the dogs. But a responsible breeder will alter and rehome their dogs when they retire them. Show, backyard/hobby breeders... if they did the pretesting and research so they created puppies with good temperament and sound health THAT is what matters. Let's face it... without the breeders there are no sheepies for any of us. 8O

So the question is how do you tell the difference between someone selling their pet and someone selling off an over-used-now-discarded dog? You'd need a crystal ball to figure out the true motives of people. BUT in the end it's usually in the dog's best interest to be out of that situation anyway... he or she won't be getting the love and care they should if they aren't wanted.

Again, glad I'm just a lowly reader and don't have to figure it all out. :wink:
My concerns about this post are as follows:

This is an intact male sheepdog that we know nothing about, other than it appears to have already been used in backyard breeding. I assume backyard breeding, and may be wrong, but in my opinion if the breeder has not researched the breed, the pedigrees for many more generations than just the three they see, has not signed the OESCA code of ethics, has not done health certifications (at the very least hip certifications through OFA) then they are not a reputable breeder. JMO

If the seller was intending for the dog to be neutered and rehomed for the best of the dog, (and the owners) that would be different, however those do not appear to be the reasons to me. The sellers makes a point of mentioning the dogs usefulness as a stud dog, and mentions sireing many white headed, blue eyed pups. Another sign of a BYB or mill.

The seller does not state they are re homing all or more than one dog even, just this one, So why is that? Another Barnabus situation?

I hate to think that maybe even if Shannon does get the dog, which may be an absolutely wonderful home for him :) but what if it doesn't work out? What if Shannon has to rehome him quickly, cannot afford to neuter him, and off he goes again? He may then end up in the hands of yet another BYB or puppy miller. Or, is it Barnabus all over again?

In this instance, this dog and whoever ends up with him are my concerns.

However, an even bigger concern is the precedent this sets. JMO.

I do fully respect Ron's opinion, he may be completely right and we have nothing to worry about. He made a lot of valid points, of course it would be better for someone from the forum who is obviously here to learn more about the breed if they are not dedicated oes owners already, so I do think that is much better than just anyone buying him from an ad in the paper.

I also hope that we (as in those of us who do not like the ad being on the forum) have not offended Ken or Shannon. Speaking for myself, I do think your intentions are good and I hope it all works out for the best.

I really do think that regardless of who may or may not be interested in this dog, that Ken's friend should be encouraged to contact rescue. At least make the effort. IMO

Even if the person does not want to turn the dog into rescue, at least perhaps they could put them in touch with an oes knowledgeable home that is waiting to adopt a dog.
I guess I am less interested in what the seller's motivations may be than in the possible good result that could happen by getting in touch with someone who participates in this forum. Sure it would be great if they contacted rescue and gave a contribution instead of asking for a fee. It would be even better if he arranged to have the dog neutered before giving him away. But the fact is that this guy is selling is dog and the issue for us is whether or not such a post should be able to appear on this website. I tend to think by being made known to all of us who care about these issues, it is more likely that a positive outcome will be found for this dog. After all, look at all of us who are actively engaged in what will happen to this dog. Hopefully, this will all result in something good, by talking to the guy, by finding a responsible owner, etc.
Wowzers! 8O

I just got back from the movies and saw how this thread had exploded! I really didn't mean to be such a lightening rod for differing opinions. Although I must say that this has developed into one of the more thought provoking threads I have read in a while. As long as we can keep it civil with all the differing opinions, (which I think we have managed to do so far :D ) that's what makes discussion so interesting. I guess that's just a throwback on my academic tendencies.
8O I have really been thinkin hard about this situation and consquently this thread. I have not put in a call to this gentleman that owns this sheepie. I only know two things for certain.
1. i want a sheepie, have wanted one since i saw the Little Mermaid when i was four!!
2. With a wedding coming up and building our house, and going to a VERY expensive univesity while trying to work full time, does not allow me an extra $500. Probably not even a $100. If the man was looking to recoup some of his money then my home would not be deserving of that burden.

The only think i saw in that "ad" was a dog whose humans who are supposed to be taking care of him, were not ble to do so anymore. I have been ready and willing to take a sheepie in. and matey Kaye and her pups are more of an avenue that i should go down, but i would have a hard time seeing a wonderful animal placed in a home that woudl use him for his body so to speak. when we got Koda from the Humane shelter, we had no idea what he'd been through. We only knew mine, Chris's and Koda's hearts and loyalties cleaved together as one. It was a great gift to take hime in, why should i deny that of another dog in need?? And let me make it clear i ahev no intention of breeding him. I would only take him if there was going to be money to get hime "taken care of".

This situation is tenous at best. So my fiance and i are approaching this catiously. Sorry Preacher, it seems i amy have spoken rashly in my excitment of adding a member to our little family, NOT an animal to "help" pump out white headed blue eyed pups!

Please know that offending anybody or steping on anyones toes was not my inent. I love the community here and only wish to foster good will. :D

srw808 wrote:
I love the community here and only wish to foster good will.
...and maybe a sheepdog? :?:
srw808 wrote:
2. With a wedding coming up and building our house, and going to a VERY expensive univesity while trying to work full time, does not allow me an extra $500. Probably not even a $100. If the man was looking to recoup some of his money then my home would not be deserving of that burden.

I have two reactions --

1. what the seller's motivation is should not necessarily impact your choice. Let's suppose he thinks the best option for his dog is finding someone looking for a stud. That doesn't really have any bearing on what you can or would do with the dog. It only impacts whether he would be negotiable in the price / circumstances and it seems like no one has spoken directly to him about other options so we just really don't know.

2. I would really caution against getting a sheepdog if you don't have $500 to spare. I'm not saying you should plan on buying one for $500, but you really do have to have about $1500/year extra money to pay for food, vet bills, shots, grooming and or grooming supplies, and random unexpected emergencies. For example, when Maggie got bit at the dog park, I suddenly had a couple hundred extra dollars in vet bills. And Chummie's recent pain and limping have lead to even larger bills. Bosley's eye is another good example. A little scratch and boom -- hundreds of dollars gone. You just never know what can pop up and you need to be prepared for that. So if money is tight right now, I would hold off on fulfilling this dream until you have a bit more of a cushion.

Now, I am not sure how it works if you foster a dog. I think certain expenses may be covered. Perhaps that is a better interim solution to fulfill sheepie dreams without financial risk. . .

Good luck finding the perfect sheepie for you. . .


Another naive, romantic type thought is what if these types of posts are allowed and we are able to change how someone thought about their dogs? Maybe just this discussion would help to show people "a better path" to follow in regards to their dogs and what they do with them? Just playing the other side of the fence, believe I'm more jaded than most of the rescue people!
As far as that goes, everybody is entitled to their opinion and we do need to see issues from both sides. In many of these slippery issues, it is very easy to become too intense when there are strong opinions and both the poster and the readers have to remember the other person's background into account. I find it easier to put posts into context when I think about the people's background and history when I read them.

Okay, I'm done with my soft and fuzzy Mr. Rogers moment. I'm going back to being jaded and mean!
I might be naive and read the post the wrong way, but when the owner of the dog mentioned that he had sired many great pups, I took it to mean that the owner thought he was a quality dog (bragging about his accomplishments) rather than he would be useful for (and intended for) further breeding.

With my dog, Barney, he came to us at nearly 6 months old and intact. His owner kept telling us how good his parents were...they were AKC purebred...blah blah blah...and they were asking $1000 for him. They then reduced the asking price to $500.

They wanted the $$ because they had paid $1500 for him only a few months earlier and they wanted to get back some of their money. I don't blame them, really.

But, I don't have $500 to spare. Plopping down that much money would be really hard for me at this stage in my life. So I understand Shannon's thoughts on that, too. But, we do have enough for the everyday stuff for Barns and could muster any emergency $$ too.

I don't know. I just hope the sheepie finds a good home... :?
Actually, I also want to point out that this section is supposed to be for "Rescuing a Sheepdog"...not a buy and selling of sheepdogs. Maybe you are not familiar with the concept or understand the difference?

When I rescued an OES for my sister, they sold the dog to me. She was fenced in in the backyard never experiencing human contact. She had never been inside. The first night I had her I had something in the oven and when the timer went off she cried and ran upstairs. It was awful. Fortunately, she was 8 months old when I got her so it wasn't years of neglect. Six years later, she is the best dog - my sister and her family cannot imagine life without her. I was happy to "buy" her just to get her away from this family who never gave her minute's love.
Actually, I also want to point out that this section is supposed to be for "Rescuing a Sheepdog"...not a buy and selling of sheepdogs. Maybe you are not familiar with the concept or understand the difference?

It's about the motivation of the "seller" and how they cared for or used the dog. You'll always find greedy, heartless people who want to make a buck off their dogs. If you got a dog out of a bad situation by buying it, that's fantastic!! As individuals we can do this... rescues usually will not because they simply can't afford to.

This is my own thinking on the subject... we should all share our opinions so that the "Greater Beings of OES.org" can decide what's best...

By offering to sell dogs here, you would attract people who over breed the adults for puppies; want to sell their now unusable "stock"; pick up dogs at shelters in order to sell them off for the highest price; or simply decide that since they've never really cared for Rufus anyway they may as well sell him because there are a lot of sheepie-nuts here. Selling any of these dogs WOULD be in the best interest of the dog if a caring family were to buy him (instead of say a puppymill) but it allows people to profit from and most importantly continue their evil ways. This would become the newest marketplace in order to make a buck. Talk about a hostage-negotiation-type setting if the dogs were in bad shape or if someone threatened to euthanize if they couldn't sell. Geez!
BTW- yes, I would buy a dog to save it from a bad situation but it does nothing to correct or stop the problem from recuring... it can actually be aiding and abetting in my opinion. But... I'd do just about anything for the dog.
Doing Rescue is Rough . It certainly changes a person. At first I was very up set with the human side of rescue. I wasted more energy deep ending over HOW COULD A PERSON DO THAT? Each one of us learn in our own way learn how to handle those emotions or YOU BURN OUT. It is all about saving as many Babies as you can. It IS A PASSION.....So therefore those of us that do rescue are very PASSIONATE about it. Sometimes people like Nicole and I that in the trenches come off as being Sarcastic and Rude. Again it is the Passion for the Breed ..... ................................................................. There are people that say they are rescue that are not. They are buying and selling................................................. I responded to Shannons post because it looked to me like the Boy was being sold for breeding. Could be wrong but that was my impression. ................................................................................The bad side of Rescue is Never The Babies........................................It is the poeple that you have to deal with.........................................You get where you don't believe anything anyone tells........ That in its self is very sad.......... Sheepie Hugs, Kaye
There are so many Wonderful People on this forum. People that work behind the scenes that don't get any of the glory........... People that put Their Hearts and Energy and Money into saving as many as they can. Jaci works tirelessly in saving as many as she can. She pays to have them groomed and vet bills..... Diane and Alissa has been tremdous help to me and other rescues......................... For this I am so Thankful.......... Thank You To All Of You that Have Your Hearts Right...... Love, Kaye
Kaye... A LOT about dog rescue I learned from you as you let me tag along but, as before, I only assist on the fringe. I'm not sure if I ever said this but thanks so much! And because of our sweet-naughty Kaytee, we learned that cleft palate puppies can and DO survive and thrive WITHOUT surgery. I learned more when I adopted Panda about 8 months later from Grannie Annie. It too was an invaluable learning experience for me. The guidance I received from her in overcoming some of Panda's "challenges" as another special needs dog just added to my knowledge about rescue and what people face as both fosters and adopting families. The hip dysplasia, struvite crystals with housebreaking issues and severe separation anxiety and integrating this new dog into our pack... finding ways to make it work for all involved.

I'm not sure if all the message board readers know just how important it is to have the "hands-on" work in rescue. I didn't know this until about 2 1/2 years ago. Of course funding is what allows the dogs to be spayed/neutered, tested, treated, etc. but if rescues don't have volunteers to foster or transport, the simple fact is dogs die. And there just aren't enough good foster homes and reliable/responsible transporters with rescue. Volunteers like Diane, Alissa, Tammy, Nicole and many other devoted individuals help dogs along their journey to a better life. Some pick up dogs and physically get them into rescue... others give a dog a safe and loving place to stay 'til their new family finds them. Again, without these volunteers dogs die.

Remember Tammy mentioning a rescue picture of Uncle Sam saying "We Need You"? Well here's one... http://www.pomeroys.com/EmmaDarby/UncleSamOESRescue.jpg :lol:

We can all do something... either donating a few dollars when we can, donating a couple of hours a month at the local shelter or simply taking them a stack of old towels or blankets we no longer use. Don't think that it's not enough so you don't do anything... something little is much better than nothing at all. Find a rescue that pulls at your heart that you can assist on occasion in your spare time... it doesn't need to be an all encompassing second job. If we all do a little we can accomplish a lot. YOU ARE NEEDED!
Okay... I done :oops: but as I said I'm passionate about all rescue but especially the rescue of this breed we all love so much.
What timing 8O
Speaking of rescues needing people to foster...

Minnesota OES Rescue is looking for loving, dedicated foster homes-
http://search.petfinder.com/petnote/dis ... id=6665183
I bought (I say bought because I was given a price and that is what I paid) my OES Violet when she was 9 months old from a OES rescue for $300 three and a half years ago. I did not blink an eye. The rescue had 5 other sheepies I had to leave behind and I know how expensive food, water, vet and grooming bills can be. Violet is worth every penny and more. I feel I got away cheap, and yes she was fixed. She has hip displaycia (spelling?), but not showing any signs as of yet. I have a lot of respect for the Resue Shelters.

I hope everything works out.

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