14 month oes trainer says is snapping

I just adopted a oes from the humane society .he's 14months old and as big as a house . the dog is very affectionate but needs manners .I was lucky enough to be able to speak to the previous owners who said he was reall sweet ,but they didnt have enough time for him .

when I brought him home he was very mild mannered and shy . this lasted about 1 week and made a 180 . since I have small children I took him to a local trainer with hopes that they could teach him some manners.the trainer just called me and said the dog is snapping at her when she corrects him (snaps his leash and collar ) . evidently this has happened over the last two days and he seems to be getting more aggressive each day .

I cant bring the dog back into my house if he cant be trained or is snapping at people .Mykids love the dog and I want this to work .all suggestions are welcome.

I live west of st louis missouri ,does anyone know any trainers specific to oes"s . help
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While I hope that someone here can help you, may I suggest you join OESL and post your request there? They have about 7 times more members than forum.oes.org, and may be you best bet for immediate help.

Read a little more about OESL here:

http://forum.oes.org/viewtopic.php?p=31 ... t=oesl#319

Good luck, and please let me know if I can help personally. Drop me an email to Ron@oes.org.

Could it be the trainer that is making him aggressive? Do you go to the classes with him or leave him with the trainer? I've heard horror stories of people leaving their dogs with trainers. You don't know how they are training them and since you are not their, they may listen to the trainer but not you. I'd suggest taking the dog to obedience class where you do the training.

Hi Digby and dad,
I'd love to hear how you are doing. It sounds like your trainer is using the traditional method of training and correction, rather than the operant conditioning/positive reward "clicker training" method. It is not all that unusual for OES to react badly to "correction/punishment" - based training.

You may not need a trainer who is an OES trainer (though it doesn't hurt), but rather to find a trainer who uses positive methods and has a great training reputation. You might also want to contact the regional OES rescue folks in your area.

Good luck (Digby, for lord's sake, BEHAVE yourself)
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