Yummmgrrr Clump...Yummgrr ..clump!

Those are the sounds emitting from my bathroom at the moment. Nope! No monster lurking in there 8O

One of my co-workers gave me a huge ham bone and leftovers( also pork roast) from a feast she had with her kids and thought to bring them to work for my boys as a treat. Hmm one hambone..three dogs - oh what to do?

Well I chipped off the meat and both Merlin and Panda got a sizeable chunk and the bone I decided to give to Ole Blue. Had to put him in the bathroom so he can eat it to his hearts content. The sounds coming from there are one of glutenous pleasure...yummmgrrr - clump (bone is so huge he can't hold it in his mouth so drops it. Then the noise starts up again.

Sometimes they deserve a treat!

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LOL-- Sounds like they got a well deserved treat tonight. And you really have a way with words!! I wondered what in the world you were up to when I opened this post :)
Well you certainly made their evening :D
I had to chuckle at Ole Blue as he really was in 7th heaven with that huge bone but the goofus would not lay down and eat it. I think he was worried Merlin would burst in the door at any moment and take it from him so he kept it in his mouth, while trying to chew. That's where the clump sound came from as he would drop it after a few mins, pick it up and within a min..drop it again. "You can't have it in your mouth in order to chew the meat, silly!", I kept telling him but sigh...he wouldn't listen. :roll:

He wouldn't lay down either even tho' I placed a mat in there for him. After an hour and many "clump noises" later I retrieved the bone in order to give his hips a rest. I'll let him have it again tomorrow as Happiness is a dog with a juicy bone. :D

What lucky boys!
Silly Blue, sounds like something Pepsi would do. :lol:
I am sure he'll enjoy it just as much tomorrow.
Lucky O'Blue!!!!!!!!
What a great mom you are!!!!! The noisier...the more enjoyment!!!! :lol:
Better Blue than some of the younger dogs who could break that cooked bone apart and get splinters. What a nice treat for the old guy.
ooooohhhhh the DROWL he is in heaven.... when Sami gets a bone like that she drowls and has a wet face, chin paws, floor etc :lol:
:lol: My mouth is watering.. Lucky Ole Blue :hearts:
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