9th Annual Take Your Dog to Work Day

As some of you might know, Clayden comes to work with me. Our office is on the second floor in a bank. The second floor is half the size of the ground floor and the hallway wall is built with glass wall. People can see me and Clayden from downstairs when we walk in the hallway.

Apparently our local paper planned to do an article about people bringing their dogs to works for the 9th Annual TYDTWD and were looking for people to interview. Someone from the bank told our local paper that they have a woman in the building who takes a dog to work...

So I just did an interview by a reporter from The Desert Sun in my office. Clayden was very happy with the guest. He kept dropping toys at the reporter's feet and asked her to play with him. During the interview, I tried to get oes.org's name into the article. Without being too obvious (or so I thought), I inserted "oes.org" three times when I replied her questions. I hope I wasn't too hard-sell...LOL

And Oh...I bathed and brushed out Clayden real nice last night for this interview but she didn't take any pic :? Oh well... :wink:

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hehehe...arent you sneaky! And what do you mean no photo op???? Poor Clayden should have had his 5 min of fame!
Have someone take a picture of you and Clayden and e-mail it to the reporter. A few smaller papers that I worked for paid us only for the stories and it was up to us to take pictures unless it was something really important. If the reporter forgot or didn't have a camera, no picture for that story! If someone gave me something good, and we had the space for it, we'd always use it. Stories are always better with a graphic element.
Do it! Send the reporter pictures. clayden deserves to have his picture in the paper...
way to go and looking forward to reading all about you and Clayden :D
Email the picture YOU want!!!!!

(Maybe even get a colleage shutterbug to take some nice ones of you in your office?)

Be sure to slip in an oes.org URL like http://forum.oes.org

You have to post a link to the article (or scan the article for us). you and Clayden are celebs!
I took everyone's advice and emailed the reporter a link to my album page on www.oes.org. I saw the article this morning. They didn't use the picture. :?

They used a picture of a miniature Shepherd, Magic...cute little face. (Clayden said Magic was stealing the thunder with that stylish blue jersey) :wink:

They have interviewed quite a few owners. With the limited space available, only two lines are about Clayden...lol... and my not so subtle effort of mentioning oes.org is proved to be fruitless :evil: Oh Well... you can't blame a girl trying :lol:

Here is a link to the article:

http://www.thedesertsun.com/apps/pbcs.d ... /706220344

So anyone taking your sheepie to work today? :D

Wow, how exciting! Clayden is now a celebrity. 8)
Too bad they didn't use your picture of Clayden. I bet it would have been a lot cuter than the picture they did use.
Good article!
It would of course been better with more Clayden. :D
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