Yucky Ear!

Yuck. I just finished bathing Dancer and Sky, and poor Dancer had a gross mat inside her ear that smelled bad and was absolutely disgusting to get out.
I can't figure out how that happened, I realize I don't groom her nearly as much when she is clipped down, but I do keep an eye on her ears and eye boogers. Obviously not often enough though!
I pulled the gross hair, cleaned them, and put some drops in the ear that was gross. The drops are an antibiotic drop as well as for earmites. I don't think she has earmites, but better safe than sorry.
She gave me NO indication that her ear was getting like that, no scratching, no head shaking, nothing!
From now on I am going to mark on the calendar when I do her ears so that I won't let it go too long.
I feel so guilty :(
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Don't beat yourself up, sometimes that happens seemingly overnight. I think you were on chat the night that I found Clyde's one ear all gross too. A few days before it was looking ok and then BOOM gross ear! It didn't seem to be bothering him either and it's an easy thing to overlook since it's hidden and not in your face all the time!
Don't stress it happens to all of us, brie gets a yucky ear too but hers is caused by an allergy, don't know when it flares only that when I am grooming her I have to always check the ears now, when I see any yuk in their and slighty red out come the permanent ear drops I have in permanent supply at home to treat the ear (Vet prescribed), it is just an ongoing problem she is going to have. Also when bathing dancer or sky, plug the ears with cottonwool, stops any water getting into the ear canal so less ear problems & bateria building up there in a moist enviroment, you just take them out when you finish washing them.
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