I was called last night by a friend of mine on the police dept. She ran across a place not to far from where I live, Esbon Kansas. The lady has 4 OES that are in a pen not big enough for one dog let alone four. No water no shelter and matted so bad it looks more like dreads then mats. The police officer tried to get something done but because Esbon dont pay for police support she can do nothing at all. So she called me since I had Toby she thought I might know what to do......................I DONT!!! I need help with this. The dogs have to leave this area they lady that has them would cause nothing but trouble for who ever took the dogs.
I have no idea who to call for OES rescue in North Central Kansas or even if there is one.
I called a lady that might be willing to house the four OES until rescue can get to her house and pick them up. I NEED rescue to come get them ASAP!!! Please help me with this :cry:
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Contact Carol Lake with MoKan OES Rescue... they are listed as the Kansas rescue contact.
You'll find contact information here- http://www.oes.org/html/oes_rescue.shtml
According the the lady that now has the dogs. They belonged to her brother that just died last month. The dogs were at her brothers house with just family coming and feeding etc... She brought the dogs to her house just three days ago and thats when everyone noticed they needed help.
I talked with her a great deal today and she really wants to keep the dogs. I am going over there tomorrow to help her with the dogs. My vet is going to shave them and make sure everything else is up to pare for the dogs shots worms etc... She would like me to help her get the dogs back to looking like dogs and help her get them settled in to there new home. If she cant keep all of them i will take one and my vet is more then sure he can also home one or two. OES rescue will also take them if needed.
So I hope this is a good ending,
Very nicely done!!! :bow:

:lol: why thank you!! lol
That sounds like a good plan. :D
Please keep us posted on how it goes for the dogs. What an upheaval for them to be going through.
It sounds like you are going to be very instrumental in getting these dogs on the path to a better life.

Good luck. Keep us posted.
I sure hope so!! :phew:
Woohoo! Very good indeed! :D

Were you bringing in a new puppy soon? If you're going to be working
closely with these 4 dogs, ask your vet about the proper way to sanitize your
clothing/shoes/etc. to make sure you don't bring any sickness into your own
home if the dogs hadn't been vaccinated.
Very good idea.....but the dogs will all get shaved and shots tomorrow so thats good. My little puppy wont be here until Christmas. Decided to get a puppy from a VERY GOOD breeder that shows OES and a few on here have gotten there dogs from her and they show also. I wanted to make sure my puppy had the best start in could. But now I am going to be OESLESS for a few more months......ugh So keep those pictures coming so I can look at them until my baby gets here....we already named him Waldo lol
Decided to get a puppy from a VERY GOOD breeder that shows OES

Ooooh... I"m thrilled to hear this news and that he won't arrive until
Christmas. I'm a worrywart when it comes to puppies. Congrats to
you and the future Waldo!

You'll be able to fill these next few months by helping to improve the lives of
these 4 dogs. They'll help you pass the time quickly. :D Thank you for doing
Thank you, thank your friend, and thank your vet for helping these Sheepies.
awww gee weez :oops: Its my honor and pleasure to help a sheepie.
Great work....
Lucky for the four they have you stepping in!
Nice of sis to offer to take the FOUR :?: 8O
Hope she knows what a hand full she is going to have!!!
Loads of fun and sheepie antics!
Thank you, thank you, thank you!
I got there around 7:00 am to get started on everything. The lady came out to take me to see the dogs, as we are walking she says I always wanted a OES I took one look at the dogs and lbusted out laughing. I told her well you are still going to have to want cause you dont have OES at all you have Komondor`s .
I told her you cant shave them this is the way they are are supossed to look. I called the vet told him not to worry about shaving but we had a different breed all together I told him what they were and he laughed his butt off as well. I said to her let me guess your brother had sheep or cattle some thing like that she says yes something like 300 sheep. I said well that is why he had Komondors. I had to give her what information I know about the breed. My vet came up any way to give the shots and we talked her into letting my vet take the dogs. He has sheep so they will be going back to what they were used to. I let her know that the cords on the dogs is not easy to deal with it has to be taken care of in a special way. that was enough for her to decide to let them go. So everyone is happy the dogs will be well taken care of they have sheep to take care of again, She is happy they are going to be in a good home and vet is happy he got 4 dogs now to take care of his sheep. The people in town will be happy now cause the dogs are gone. I called my friend on the police force told her she was a dork lol and emailed her a picture of a OES and a Komondor. lol. Now I am :( cause I dont have OES to play with until I get my puppy. .........ugh back to pictures
Wow, Laura... what a story! I have to admit, I love sheepies, but, what a sight those Komodors must have been!

I'm glad that everything worked out for the best for the dogs... and don't worry, you're baby will be coming in no time.
I am still laughing about it :lol:
WOW!!!!! 8O :lol: 8)

Wait till Jill reads this!!!

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Nice catch!

I am just glad I knew what breed they were can you imagine
if I didnt and they got shaved................ :phew:
6 am here. Nice to start my day with a laugh. :lol:

Sheepies or not you did a great thing for those dogs. Thankyou. :clappurple:
Oh my - 4 Komondors in a small area - must have been just nuts!
I'm glad they have a new home and with someone who will have a good time with them and the stock. :D
:D :D :D :D :D
That made my day so much better.

sorry you don't have your OES, but---

Hahahahaha! :D
what a great ending to a story that started out so sad! Sounds like everyone wanted to do the right thing... Its good to read about good people for a change!!!!
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