2008 OES Club Booth At Chicagoland Family Pet Expo

Chicagoland OES Club will have a booth again at the Pet Expo on March 14-16. The event is back at the Arlington Race Track in Arlington Heights, IL. If you would like to volunteer with your sheepie, please see http://www.coesc.org/UpcomingEvents.htm for contact information.

Fozzie and his parents will be working at the booth on Saturday, March 15 from 9-12.

Event Info
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Too far for me but I hope all goes well.
So, who will be there the weekend of March 15-16? The date is getting closer and I'm very excited. You can meet & snuggle Fozzie on March 15 from 9-12. We had a very good time last year showing Fozzie off. He really wanted to play, but it was good for his self control.

I hope to see more responses from folks who can attend and I'll look out for you. The OES booth will be manned from Friday through Sunday with at least 1 sheepie at all times. Arlington Park has easy access from several highways. We are there to help educate people and kids about the OES breed and provide information.
Johnny and I will be there Sunday 10-12.
Jeeperz wrote:
Johnny and I will be there Sunday 10-12.

Aw, I was hoping we were at the same time this year. I think we were on opposite days last year too. Wishing you lots of pets and hugs :D
The OES booth is #122.
I can't believe it...no one in the area is attending???
Sorry, Stacy. We are busy tomorrow. Wish we could stop by :(
Foz did a great job today at the OES Club booth. Although he was ready to go home after 1/2 hour (we were on a 3 hr shift), he allowed at least a 100 people/kids pet and kiss him. It was one of the best days I can remember. Seeing how Foz lit up so many people's faces with a smile was absolutely priceless. We were in a great location and people were literally waiting in line to see him. I also can't believe how many people took pictures of him....Foz the Rockstar :D

Here's Foz (left) and Murphy (right). Murphy is only 3 yrs old and is the most calm relaxed dog I've ever met. They were quite the duo. I'm also quite impressd with my camera phone picture :D

Oh, my little Foz looks beautiful! If I was in Chicago, I would have attended! ;)
Stacy wrote:
Seeing how Foz lit up so many people's faces with a smile was absolutely priceless.

This is the best part of having a sheepdog! :D

Glad you had a great time.
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