I have a really important question...how are OES and house-breaking?? I've heard that OES are sweet and gentle but not the most intelligent breed and then I've heard that OES are clever and catch on to tricks quick. Not being an owner, ever, I wouldn't know. I am, however seriously considering getting an OES and he would be an indoor dog, however my house is full of nice rugs!

I'm hoping you all say they are great with house-breaking!
Keeping my fingers crossed,
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Just to add on, do you think house-breaking in the winter is an intelligent idea? Or just plain dumb, and cold.
Thanks a lot!!!! 8O

My puppy girl is now 1 year old and we were in the heart of housebreaking during the cold, cold, winter and I can honestly say that it wasn't bad at all! :D I also read that OES are hard to train but I don't believe it! I do think that you will be more successful if you use a crate. My puppy was always let out as soon as she came out of the crate and she was in the crate if I wasn't able to devote 1oo% attention to her. I can count on one hand the number of accidents she had - my rugs are fine! When I didn't want to leave her in the crate but wasn't really playing with her and devoting all my attention to her, I tied her leash to me so that she couldn't stray far and get into trouble!

The cold weather actually helped us because she didn't like going out in the cold so when we "went potty" she didn't fool around - just did her business quick and wanted in where it was warm! :lol:

Good luck and don't let the cold weather stop you!

Ann & the very smart Phoebe!
That's great! We like when puppies don't have 'mishaps' on the oriental rugs! Haha thanks a lot! I'm so glad to hear that! Well, one step closer to a new pup!


Please keep in mind, too, that a puppy's bladder takes time to fully develop, along the same idea as a baby's bladder. They don't have much control over it for a couple of months, and no matter how much training you do, if they can't hold it, they can't hold it. :D But the training is good to let them know what you want to them to do.

Take the puppy out after eating, after playing (or even in the middle of!), after sleeping -- often! Praise the puppy whenever he/she does anything outside -- associating a command with eliminating is a great idea, too. I even kept a written schedule so I could figure out Tucker's habits. I, myself, found it a bit of a challenge during the winter months! :D Kept the boots and coat nearby so that I could quickly put them on! :lol:

Could you please come over here and let Tucker know that he's supposed to be sweet & gentle! :wink: Ah, he is a sweetheart and a lovable scamp but we've had to put lots of training into him. He's very smart but very stubborn!

Good luck! Let us know what happens!

Well in the last 25 years, I've raised 6 OES, rescued, mostly not from puppyhood. I agree 100% with using crates to housebreak any age dog.
I too have a house full of both oriental carpets over hardwood and wall to wall in another section of the house. Every dog I have ever lived with has had an accident at one or more time in its life. I use a product called "Nature's Miracle" and it has certainly prevented staining, smell and other unpleasant after effects. You do need to be careful with antique orientals because they are made with vegetable dye that is not always colorfast, so if you use any product on the carpet, test it on a small, hidden part of the carpet. In a pinch, distilled water or white vinegar are also options for cleanup.

Good luck.
well, matie is 4 months old now and she is doing great with the potty. one thing, it depends on the dog...she LOVES to be out in this cold, wet weather! 8O i do not but you just have to bundle up and go with it. today was the first day that i did not take her on the leash to the potty spot because we had an ice storm and i was unable to walk through the yard...a solid sheet of ice, so i let her go and told her how good she was when she was done but i stood outside the door and watched her do it. from what i hear and have experienced so far, oes's are very intelligent...they just don't always WANT to do what they're told...they know what we want them to do though. think of it as having a teenager and you'll be fine! :lol:
PS: she also LOVES the snow! it's hard to get her to come in...she plows it with her whole head and has a ball! :D
Hi everyone!!

Wondering how the housbreaking/potty training is going?

Alex, Anne, Suzanne, Fritzi (and the cheeze doodles! :) ), Bridy?

Well, I have to say that although Nelson still has a few accidents inside (pretty much just #1 now) he is getting better day by day. When he needs to go and I'm in the kitchen working on something he'll usually either bark or sit right by the front door. If we're upstairs and he needs to go he'll have this distinctive bark that lets me know I better put my boots on!

Nelson is getting much better through the night (I can't remember the last time he had an accident in his crate) and goes right outside when we wake him up, or he wakes us up.

Along those lines he's getting much much much better about sleeping through the night. He'll bark for 10 or 15 minutes after we put him to bed but will settle down pretty quickly, as opposed to when he would bark all night long, sleep all day, bark all night, etc etc.

Oh and we've had a birthday!!!! As of February 10th Nelson is 6 months old! Yay!
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