1 Stinkin' pound!!!!

UGH :excited: I have 1 more pound to go to reach my goal!!! 1 lonely lousy pound that has been fighting me for a month now!

1 friggin' pound that won't go away.

For the last month...its been hanging on. The 2 weeks ago, I went up .6 of a pound. So it was 1.6 pounds to go. But, the extra came right off.

But this miserable, terrible, horrible last pound won't drop.

And, I'm waiting to officially hit my goal to post a new picture! And, I really want to "show off", but for this 1 stinkin' pound. :cry:

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Maybe you should adjust your goal?

Make your goal 5 pounds lighter.

I won't say what to do after you drop a couple more.
My "mental" goal is actually 5 pounds lighter. But my WW goal is 1 pound away. The sooner I reach my goal, the sooner I can achieve lifetime status, and stop paying!!!!
You can do it, Deb!

Can you switch up your exercise routine for a few days? Like do weights first if you usually do them last and then the cardio? Or maybe try a new form of cardio?

And maybe try eating completely different foods this week--our bodies get used to what we eat, so changing it up can really help.

Good luck!
Ugh! I know the switch up! I've been trying different combos of stuff. I upped my exercise and that was the week I gained the .6!

This week, (putting hand over heart) I'M TRACKING EVERYTHING I EAT!!! AND MEASURING EVERYTHING I EAT. No foolin' around.

Ugh, again.
make your ''goal'' 10 lbs....that should do the 1 lb trick!!
Those last few are the most stubborn ones to let go. No advise, just wishing you success! I can't wait for your pictures!! :D
That sucks!! I know that must be frustrating to have to pay each week. Maybe it's WW sabatoge... they have a trick scale or something. They let you get down to almost what you want, but then for the last lb they mess with the scale so they still get paid! (make sure she's not putting her foot on the scale or anything) lol :twisted:

I'm sorry about the last pound... that's got to be frustrating. :( I've heard though that when you hit a weightloss plateau, that when it finally does break you might lose more than 1 pound. Good luck!
Ha ha! I'll watch to check where her feet are next Saturday!!!

It is frustrating, but I'm so proud to have gotten so far. And...its gonna feel sooooo good to hit my number!

It will be the first time in my life I've weighed what my drivers license says!!!
debcram wrote:
It will be the first time in my life I've weighed what my drivers license says!!!

:lol: :yay: :lol: :yay:

Thank goodness in NC they don't put weights on our driver's license. 8O
Oh those are weights? I thought they were the maximum speed allowed or something.
Check your scale, maybe it is a bit off. :idea: If it isn't. drop it or something on it and say "See it was broken". :lol:
Unfortunetly, or fortunetly, I go by the Weight Watcher scale. According to MY scale, I'm 3 pounds under goal...but that doesn't count!
Wish me luck for tomorrow morning! I have document and measured everything I ate this week. I should be good to go....I hope.

Cross your fingers!!!!!!
Good Luck!!! :cheer:

Make sure you go weigh in before lunch, not after! (That's what the girls I work with do... and go potty before! :oops: :lol: Hey, every little bit helps!)
Every wee bit helps? :twisted:
Hee hee :lol:
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