5 days to go until my PUPPY arrives!

hey all!! i've been on this wonderful sight for about 6 months, studing, learning, preparing. now the time has FINALLY arrived :P its only 5 more days till my little snuggle of poo arrives - at 10 weeks old. I beleive i am fully prepared but know that u ALWAYS miss something!!! should i bubble rap the kitchen table legs?? plastic the couch??? any last minutes anyone could offer would be appriciated. Also do you think if i kept him in his large kennel too quickly overnight he would leave "surprizes" in the morning? i have a small and a (very) big kennel so i have the option to use the small untill he out grows it. i'm gonna walk his little legs off!!!! SOOO EXCITED!!! thanks again all - this place is wonderful!!

Tera Lynn
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We are all :excited: for you too!

Be sure to take lots of pictures, a digital camera is a must!
Welcome and Congratulations on your new little snugglebum!!! Can't wait to see picks...


Get alot of rest, sleep and relaxation in the next 4 days....cuz, after that....wow!!! things get exciting....... :lol: :lol: :lol:

good luck and keep us posted!!!!!
Welcome and Congrats!! I agree with Ron, take LOTS of picture.
They don't stay small for long.
Do catch up on your sleep now, as you probably won't get much sleep for a while.
also before your wiggle bum arrives make sure you are up to date with shopping, essentials like panadol, tins of soup, bread etc. washing up to date, and no housework needs to be done.
Loads of old paper for the floors and you will need lots of time to love the pup and play with him so that is why you need no household chores! :lol: :lol: :lol: and lots of photos to share :wink:
Great news about your getting a puppy. Just rember that sleeping is optional and highly overated. :D Can't wait for the pictures.
Yes, use the smaller crate until you feel time for bigger or the pup will mess in one end. Congratulations!!! :excited:
oh I'm so excited for you!!!!! I couldn't wait to get my girls, and fabricated a reason to pick them up 3 days early!!!!! :twisted:

I'd say what everyone else is saying; sleep now while you can. I have hardly slept through the night since I got my pups back in December. I find if I'm not actually hearing them? I think I hear them. Or I dream I hear them, and have to check.

One thing I'd have done differently. We had a few old quilts that we laid on the floor so that there was a soft place to play, and nap, and if one of us fell asleep with the pups, well it was VERY comfy. But the pups seemed to pee on at least one a day in the begining, and I remember thinking I should have gone to a cheap store like WalMart and bought a dozen on sale quilts. And all ones that fit into the washer; a couple had to be sent out to be cleaned, as they were too big for our machine.

So there's my two-cents. Oh and don't forget to lavish your pup with tons of LOVE!!!!!! I'm so happy for you!!!!!!
ok - cheap quilts....washing, food..... BABY GATES!!!! i forgot the baby gates. going to buy baby gates. thanks all!!!!
TeraluvsBeckett wrote:
ok - cheap quilts....washing, food..... BABY GATES!!!! i forgot the baby gates. going to buy baby gates. thanks all!!!!

oh yeah; they are REALLY helpful
I bought one that was "han ds free"; it has a peddle you step on and the gate opens. I'd recommend that BIG TIME.
Congratulations! Can't wait to see lots of pics.
Congrats to you and the new pup.....
Put on your running shoes and get ready!
Lots of fun!
So does your new pup arrive on Wednesday the 9th? Do you have a name picked out?

you know another thing I got when I got my girls was a pair of "Crocs" shoes. I kept stepping in poop in the lawn, and got tired of having to wash off my shoes. So the Crocs would stay on the porch, and when the girls needed to go out I'd step outside and slip them on. It was WAY easier to hose those off than other shoes.
well looks like i have another week to wait, it was supposed to be wed the 9, but the postal system will force it to be another week before he gets on a plane. His name is Beckett and he likes baseball - lol - i can tell already. i have a pic of him as a tiny tiny pup but i can't scan it so ya'll will just have to wait with me for some photos!!! to be honest i've been getting more and more nervous as the days approach. i really have done almost all i can to prepare, printing off grooming docs (with photos!)- even though i suspect i won't be "line combing" for a while, ear cleaning (just to brush up its been a while), food he's on, new food to mix in, treats, on this darn site 4 times a day! basically everything i could think of. looking into insurance now. i'm off work for a while so i have all day to spend with my little guy which i'm sure will help, but sometimes i guess, reading ALL the stuff in the forum can scare you a little bit :? i tend to have a high standard for myself and just want to try to do everything right and be fully prepared. i have "play dates" set up already, and planning to attend a dog show at the end of the month to try to find a groomer with expiriance in the area to hopefully help me when i lose my mind with it! I don't exactly like telling the ppl around me i'm nervous about it, so i'm just venting a little and i appriciate those who are listening and can relate :roll: so if anyone thinks of anything else please feel free to keep adding!!!! i'm sure i can use all the advise you've got!!!
take care all - Tera Lynn :)
Don't be embarassed. I am sure I am not the only one who couldn't sleep the night before my new puppy arrived by plane. Ask my breeder. Amber, she would tell you how excited I was.

Relax...you will need the strength later. :D
he's coming he's coming!!!!!

LOL - I bet you are getting excited..... :D :lol: :D :D

Got all your puppy shopping done?
Oh my goodness - I wouldn't be able to sleep!! It's so exciting waiting for the puppy to come home. :excited:

Are you all prepared? Is the baby room ready?? :excited:
you think this is exciting?!? Just wait; you'll be so excited for him to finally be housebroken.... then so excited for him to older and calmer... then so excited for his training to stick...

you are in for a lifetime of excitement. :wink:
Darth Snuggle wrote:
you think this is exciting?!? Just wait; you'll be so excited for him to finally be housebroken.... then so excited for him to older and calmer... then so excited for his training to stick...

you are in for a lifetime of excitement. :wink:

Oh my... that is so true.

Not to mention the excitement of finding your latest pair of shoes mangled while waiting for him to get over the chewing stage; or the joy of finding dog biscuits (or worse) carefully buried under the throw pillows on the sofa; or the pleasure of picking up yesterday's garbage scattered all over the floor when he has grown tall enough to stick his big head in the trash can and explore all of those irresistable smells.
Hey! :evil: Don't go spoiling ALL the surprises!! :lol:
Beaureguard's Mom wrote:
Hey! :evil: Don't go spoiling ALL the surprises!! :lol:

I left some! Like this morning... I am excited that they went back to sleep!!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:
OOOH! I just thought of something else you will need:

do you have a decent camera? Keep it on your or handy for like the first 3-4 years. Nah; scratch that; just keep it handy always. These guys seem to do the cutest things; the funniest, the smartest... you name it, you are going to want to get it on film. I've had mine since Christmas and have shot over 3000 digital files, with about 130 of them getting nicely edited and posted online. (Here if anyone wants to be overwhelmed with photos)

OR a video recorder. I can't get enough of Sheepies on Youtube!
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