32 more days until i am Mrs.Milliorn...

8O time to panic or what :x I cant wait for this whole wedding ceremony thing to be over with, i just wanted to be married already!!!
So invites are out, bridal shower is next week, flowers are in the works, decoration purchased- well most of them, bridesmaids and groomsmen completlely taken care of, i have my hairdo, tiara, just need a small veil and some shoes, oh ya i still have that teensy weenssy problem of STILL not fitting into my dress :evil:
I was doing so good until the semester ended and now I have to carve out time to exercise and with all of the holiday goodies i'm pretty sure i've lost some ground, or is that gained:?

Anybody know the in's and out's of birth control? I did the math today and i realized that i should start on my wedding day!!! NO FUN, so i didn't know if there was a way to alter my schedule while maintaing the most possible coverage. Let me know what you think, please :?

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this is why i loved having a civil service.. close family n friends and then out for a boozy do at the local pubs.. i got married in England so receptions meant parting at your local pub till the wee hours..

hang in there.. all shall be done and you can start out on a wonderful journey..

Oh, how exciting! I remember how STRESSED OUT I was a few weeks before I got married. Everything just came piling on me, and I didn't know if I would fit in my dress. We JOP'ed (got legally married) a month before our official wedding day, and I got pregnant with lil J THAT NIGHT ...so I was bloated the day of my wedding. I had to pretend to drink alcohol when we did our toast. lol It wasn't until we told them that a few people mentioned that they were wondering why I wasn't drinking!

I am a big DEPOVERA fan. Never had my period. Got the shot once every three months. I would get on it again if I wasn't wanting to get pregnant again. :lol:

I hope your wedding day goes even better than you imagine! :)
You can skip the placebo pills and just continue right through to skip your period for that time. However, depending on how your body reacts, you may wind up spotting until your next period. Ask me how I know that. :evil:
Soory, can't help you there, don't have them anymore, and very happy about that :)
I'm so excited for you and your soon to be wedding day. Can't help with the bc question though.
See you Dr ASAP, there is a new BC pill that completely prevents your period from happening. I can't remember the name but it just came out in the last 6 monts. But you would need to start witht his cycle. Perhaps, if you are an established patient you could do it on the phone.
Wow - coming soon! If you're going to do any kind of 'regular' birth control (that you have to admisiter once a week or every day), my best advice would be to start it soon so your body is used to it before the big day. I like the patch much more than the pill . . .
Woohoo...the time will fly by--my wedding seemed to take forever to get there and then all of a sudden it was over? So this month will just disappear.

As for the BC, I'm pretty sure that you should start it asap b/c it doesn't go into effect with just 1 pill (if you start taking the pill on your wedding day, for example). My dr told me bitd that it takes a cycle to get the entire coverage, but that may not be correct.
Best wishes on your wedding! That is so exciting!
As for the BC issue, I'm not sure of the correct way to alter your schedule, but here is another (somewhat related) thought for you. As it is cold and flu season, be careful if you end up getting sick. A lot of antibiotics may reduce the effectiveness of birth control. So be sure your doctor knows your plans and prescribes accordingly.
:-) p.s. - be sure to post wedding pictures when you get them back!!
Shannon - how exciting! Congratulations! Please don't panic! You should try to enjoy every minute of this time. The wedding goes by so fast - all of the planning and anticipation take so long and then the wedding just flies by. So please enjoy being a bride!

Definitely call your doctor, he or she can advise you on how to change your cycle safely. It depends on what you're taking.

Tasker's Mom wrote:
See you Dr ASAP, there is a new BC pill that completely prevents your period from happening. I can't remember the name but it just came out in the last 6 monts. But you would need to start witht his cycle. Perhaps, if you are an established patient you could do it on the phone.

To me, those are scary. I like knowing that things are functioning the way that they should be and that I am not, indeed, pregnant. The period is a nice indicator that the cycles are moving ahead as scheduled!

I agree with Emily, too. I love the patch. I could never take the pill without it making me sick or having other problems-- and I tried a lot of them. I never have had a single side effect with the patch and I never have to remember to take a pill.
If you are on the pill, just continue on with the next pack. That's what I do. I'm suppose to have mine for Cuba. I'll just continue taking a new pack then when get back stop and then it comes.
Thanks for the advise!
I actually like the ortho trycylen, i used to be on the low dosage kind, but when i switched dr's she put me on the regular kind b/c i could get a generic brand that was sooo much cheaper.
I've actually been on the pill for years, the thought of not getting a period, with Yasim, i think it's called, would send me into a panic every month thinking i was pregenant 8O
I couldn't get a hold of my dr to ask. Right now i am on my 4th green pill, which is like a placebo-reminder pill, when you are suppossed to going thru your cycle.
So I didn't know if there was a way to stall a week taking my new pack, but then i would not have a full months coverage under my belt....lol no pun intended... Or somehow alter what week i start taking it.
It was just ironic that i started with my new dr and had to wait for me bc, so the 1st cycle i started on the 27th of Dec. exactly 32 days from my wedding day :evil:

Congratulations. I would definitely call the Dr. again and if he's not in ask the nurse.

Enjoy the big day because it will be gone in the blink of an eye.
Oh! Congrats on getting married! I had a small wedding and I wouldn't have been stressed at all if my mother had been happy and not mad at me for rushing ahead of schedule..hey, you do what you have to do. :roll: :roll:

As far as bc.. I used to do the pill, but I had REALLY painful "Times" (for the guys who happen to stumble into here :lol: ) And after my first child, they got worse. It felt like I was in labor again.. a year after I had him! so after my second.. I got a mirena. It's an IUD. I haven't had to worry about sending my DH on a tampon run in almost 3 years with preggers and nursing and then the IUD. I love it! But I understand what you mean about knowing what is working right, though. :)

I always forgot the pill anyway. (Thank goodness for latex :roll: )

Have fun at your wedding! Don't stress it is supposed to be joyous! :) :) :wink: :wink: :wink:

Can't wait to see the wedding photos!! Make sure you post them and best wishes on your upcoming wedding!

Marianne and the boys
Have a wonderful wedding day! Can't wait to see pictures.

With oral contraceptives, it is safe to skip the placebo pills and start the next pack right away to skip your period. Don't go a week with no pills and start the next pack a week late - that would leave you unprotected for an uncertain amount of time (no certainty what the effect could be). Like ButtersStotch said, you might have some spotting or none. I don't think it's a good idea to do that every month, but it's safe to do for special occasions.
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