Yuki won, I think??? (Cutest Pets Around the Globe 2007)

You think this is legit? If so, I'm excited! I think I remember entering her photo. I'm still not sure who won that petmeds contest. They STILL haven't updated the website which is weird, since they're supposed to start a new contest every month. They haven't though?

It's the picture of lil j on top of yuki.




Subject: May we publish your photo of Yuki?

Book Title: Cutest Pets Around the Globe 2007
Library Of Congress ISBN# 0-9770401-5-1

I also recently mailed a letter by postal mail....

Dear Joahaeyo,

Thank you for recently entering our Cutest Pet Photo Contest. Good News! The judges have compared the other photo entries to yours and have unamiously selected your photo of Yuki as a semi-fianlist in the contest! You have a great chance of winning one of 50 prizes, including our $1,000.00 Cash Grand Prize! Its not too early to start thinking about how you will spend the prize money. Your photo has automatically advanced to the final round of judging to take place soon. I'll keep you posted on your standing as the contest progresses and wish you the best of luck in winning the grand prize.

Joahaeyo, I'VE GOT MORE GOOD NEWS.....

We have chosen to publish your photograph of Yuki in the "Cutest Pets Around the Globe 2007" coffee table book. (ISBN# 0-9770401-5-1) The book will be a collection of some of the cutest pet photos from around the world and only the best of the best photos are allowed to appear. The photo of Yuki has qualified and will be one of our "Featured Pets" in the book. In addition, every book will have a special pet "Biography" section. This is a section set up for you to tell the world about yourself and your photo.

With your permission, your photo will appear as one of the best photos in the book scheduled for printing in the Fall of 2007. The book will be available in retail stores about 6 weeks later. There are no fees and absolutely no requirements to make a purchase. With your permission, your photo will be featured in the book. Just so you know, the copyrights to the photo will still be retained by you because the book is being copyrighted as a compilation of photos. You will remain the owner of the photo!

As a token of our gratitude for letting us publish the photo in our newest photo book, we would like to offer you the opportunity to own the book at the pre-printing and contributing photographer discount of nearly 40% off of the retail store price. The regular retail price of the book is $89.95, but you are eligible to receive a copy of the book for the discounted price of $54.95. If you decide to order additional copies, you pay only $45.00 - nearly 50% off of the cover price. Makes a great gift.

As the current contest is nearing a close, myself and the other judges are frantically debating over the many entries we have received. We will notify the winners by Postal Mail a few days after the contest ends.

In addition to winning a spot in the photo book, you are also eligible for several other awards including: Annual Grand Prize, Trophies, $5,000 in prizes for selected "Cover Pets" for the book....

To reserve a copy Click Here

We will send you a "Publish Proof" to confirm the photo and proper spelling.

If you are unhappy with the book for any reason, simply return for a full refund. Your satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed! In fact thousands of pet lovers around the world are currently happily enjoying previously printed titles from our club.

Good luck and we hope you enjoy the book!

Yours Truly,
Rosa Bonbeur

Sample testimonials from our thousands of satisfied pet lovers:

"I received my book and I absolutely LOVE it!! Thank you so much!!" - Whitney Southall

"Hi, I just wanted you to know that I received my Cutest pet of 2006. It is a great book. People at work want to enter their Pets. Thank You so much, It is a great memory for me with my Dog Dakota. I hat to put her to sleep in the beginning of January. Sincerely, Robin"

"I just received the book, Cutest Pets 2006. Love it and so does everyone else. Can I get extra copies, and for how much? Thanks so much for making this wonderful book." - Terri Coble

"I received my book today. Thanks!!! It looks Awesome! Very very excited to show my family and friends!! Thanks Again" - Tim Merski

To reserve a copy of the book and to take advantage of the pre-publication and contributing photographer discount, Click Here

If payment has already been mailed, please disregard this email notice. You will receive an order confirmation in the mail shortly.

International Pet Owners Club
P.O. Box 2002
Pittsburg, KS 66762
United States of America
phone 620-231-5001 fax 620-231-5364

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Define "legit"?

They may (or may not) actually publish the book, but you have to pay for copies of it. Normally a publisher would give a complimentary copy or payment to someone for use of an image, not the other way around.

This is the same "scam" that all those "Who is who in American High Schools or American Business".

The book will never be offered for sale to anyone but the people who respond to the solicitation.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. :(

PS I haven't tried snopes.com yet... I will soon.
Sounds great and congratulations Yuki, you sure are cute enough to win :D but be VERY careful Leanne
No, that's why I posted the whole thing instead of just telling people. I did enter the contest, so it's not like an email out of the blue... but I want to make sure her pic is in it or I won't get it. I am going to write them back.
Other "winners":

January 18, 2007:
http://disc.server.com/discussion.cgi?d ... 0(Cockapoo)%20Forum

April 26, 2006:

November 27, 2005:
http://www.lovemypet.com.au/forum/topic ... PIC_ID=414
Leanne, everybdy who enters "wins".

Pass on this.
Hate to tell you this J. But it is a scam. My friend had the same thing. She paid and got her coffee table book with a picture of her dog in it.

Later she got e-mails from them to say she won a grand prize of cash and a trophy for her photo. Asked for some ridiculous amount of money so they could send the award over to her. She did not do it after asking around and they kept hassling her for the extra money. And by the way the e-mail that she received is pretty similar to the wording of your one. 8)

It has been around this scam for a long time, they are now using a different title for this.. :evil:

Just be very careful and weary of this one. :wink:
Oh now I'm bummed...

I'm SO GLAD you found that. I thought we won something for the first time! :(

I've been hosed. (anyone remember that commercial. forgot how it goes, but something along the lines of you got hosed)

first, petmeds doesn't share their contest winners, and they ARE legit, and have even made it into magazines for their monthly contest

then, this.

and i haven't heard from regist&kelly so i'm assuming lil j didn't win beautiful kid contest. ;)

I can't rely on them to bring home any cash danggit. ;)
It is a scam and don't be surprised if you keep getting mail from them.

All they want if for you to buy a book, then a commemorative plaque and other awards. They are also known as the International Library of Photography, www.picture.com

I thought it was great the first time one of my photos was chosen for one of their book. I even paid $65 for the stupid book which didn't even get published until a year and a half after it was supposed to arrive.
The book was nice but the quality of photos that "made it" into the book was very cheesy. Pictures with people's heads cut off, blurry...etc

Seems every photo I have entered into their contest has made it into a book. I have also made it to the semi-finalist everytime. :roll:
A misspelling in an e-mail from a "publishing company" should be a dead giveaway.
That sucks it turned out to be a scam. I feel bad for the people who have been scammed out of their money, and their feelings too.

My grandmother lost a ton of money to a similar scam.

I'm glad you guys were here to tell me. I usually can't stand when people fall for scams that are obvious (ex: opening attachments after being told eleventy billion times not to).
Second - I had entered Lil’ Annes picture in an amature photo contest for Cutest Pets Around The Globe 2006. She won Judge’s Choice Award and had her picture put in the book. For an additional charge I was able to have all my other corgi’s pictures put into the back of this book. One shot is of my entire herd with Tucker’s smiling face up front. Another is my favorite picture of Tucker which is the one that appears with all his postings.


I wanted to let you know that Mom FINALLY received my book from the publisher. We're still not sure when it will be available retail-wise. It's called Cutest Pets Around the Globe 2006. It has dogs, cats, bunnies, ferrets, & some reptiles in it. When it is finally available in stores you can find me on page 106 at the bottom. It's mostly just a collection of pictures of people's pets. Toward the back of the book are some bios & additional pictures. Mom didn't submit any other pics or a bio mostly because it cost ALOT of money to put the info in there (more than the price of the book!) Just wanted to put the update out there!!! Hugs & kisses!

hey! i also received the letter about my pet. i googled the book and saw where barnes and noble are currently preselling the book at a rate of $79 or so. there is no image available saying that it will be published in july. so i think it's legit that the dog will be in the book - i just think enticing us to put our dog in it and buy the book is covering their costs should the book never sell anywhere else. i'm still curious about the photo contest itself. i wonder if that will ever come to be or if that was just a way to get us to want to put our pooches in a book! i'm giving my permission but i'm not buying a book. but i'm thinking the book is legit at least!
The books are crappy!! I ordered one myself when one of my flower pictures was published by this same company.
The pictures in this book were awful.... they accepted all these pictures that were horrendous. So blurry you couldn't see them.... People pictures with heads cut off. This company is a complete joke...
I also did not get my book for 2 yrs after I ordered it. 8O
I have to say that the bad pictures in the book definitely out numbered the good.
I have also been made aware that they will publish a picture without consent too... that is if they don't have enough pictures to fill their books.
ButtersStotch wrote:
A misspelling in an e-mail from a "publishing company" should be a dead giveaway.

That's exactly what I was going to say.
I just received an invitation in the mail :
It reads:
"You are cordially invited to our Annual Convention at the luxurious Radisson Hotel in Kansas City, MO May 4-6
We will be honoring you and your pet photography by presenting you with the Cutest Pet of 2007 Trophy and the Elissa ***** (last name omitted by me) 2007 Cutest Pet of the Year Medallion."

To attend this convention the fee's are $595 plus travel expenses.
This includes the cost of the trophy that "I" would be paying for...
The special guest for the convention is Jerry Mathers a.k.a the Beaver.
Wow....now that totally makes it all worth it. :roll: ... NOT!!!
I won that contest with a pic I took of a hermit crab...lol

it really is nothing. I never got anything from it. They weren't getting my money for a book with a pic of a hermot crab in it.

sorry that i didn't sign in

I also won! haha I entered the same contest. Thank god I am a lazy fool when it comes to mailing things. So I never replied.
the book is real and has been on sale before. i too got this letter after entering my dogs and you do not have to buy the book which i havent ( as yet) i gave them permission to print their pic but i will buy the book from a bookshop when it is released cheaper. i put a note in saying i would buy at a later date and this was fine. Ive searched and you can buy last years from a bookshop on the net i'll find the name and post the address or the name of the company
I bought that book when my cat won back in 2005 at http://cutestpetcontest.com/ and it is a huge scam i think and i paid for the book all like 70 dollars of it and i was only like 14 or something at that time im 16 now but i was so happy and they kept on changing the days of it and i still email them because i dont want to loose touch with those people till i get my book but dont send them any money they well i herd they have been doing this for years we need to get the word around that it is a scam because they r making millions of money off of wother people all around the world and nobody is getting anything back in return its not right they need to be stoped ASAP dont fall for this like i did i swear u wont get a book these people need to be thrown in jail and never let out im going to get back at them one of these days because it is not right and they r probably using r pets photos for other things other then the fake book [/size]
Ron wrote:
I entered my cat in the contest and they said he won a spot in the book and i haven't been able to locate the book so i am assuming it really is a scam?
I just received the exact same message today. I think it's their way to sell their book.

Have you ever heard from them after receiving this message in 2007?
If you've read this thread, you know that it's a scam. Just pass on the "opportunity".
In July 2007 I too sent a check for $78.99, what a great Christmas present to my daughter and son-in-law !!! Guess I'll never be too old to believe in scams..... too bad..... damn mad..... don't fall for this yourself......
at first i was very happy because i rememberd entering the photo of my dog about 2 weeks ago.

the email said that i could have a chance of winning 1000 dollars because i was a semifinalist and that my pet was going to be on thier book for only 69.99

i know my pet is really cute, but im not paying 70 dlls for a pic i already have of her. i really think this is all [baloney] cuz these people only publish pics on thier book that people paid for.

i bet you 1000 bucks if get another email saying that i won, cuz i know its just a scam and my dog is not winning
One Way to see this might be a scam is:
On the email it has a pic of a lady and a dog that supposedly won $1,000 while the huge check she is holding is for $6,000!
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