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Tilly Bit My Cavalier :(
Update on Frankie
Agility Question
Why does my dog lean on me?
May 25th is Utility Towel Day!!
I had my eyes dilated. I can't see anything!
Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA) study
Denver CO
After Popular Demand....I'm Baaack!
Official Introduction
OES on Craigs List...
Scandinavian Vegetable Stew Recipe
Nigel is 3 today!
OES in SOUTH Carolina needs help
The eagle webcam again...
Mia Heart....
Who's honking the horn?!
Oh NO! Pooooooooooo!
A wonderful new grand-dog
Langley is new and improved and balls free!
Punkin-Girl With Carson City Animal Services (Nevada)
A gift from Rudy
Not that it matters but I think I may have been scammed.
We made the sled dog news!
What I Learned at The Dog Show
Territorial/Rude behavior with other dogs
OES in South Dakota
The time is almost here!
After the Nashville flood...
Seatbelt for my puppy
OES Rescue in AU?
Pros and Cons of having two dogs.
Does anybody's sheepie smile?
Question on Older Breeding Dogs
Millenium Trilogy?
FOUND Old English Sheepdog (Phoenix Craigslist)
Introducing Mady!
How do you catch a stray dog?
Bad reaction to shots???
What would you do?
Why do poodles hate me?
How to Recognize Heat Stroke?
Should I allow my dog on the couch or bed?
Border issue
Opinions please: best type of RV
It's Been One Year...
So What Are You Memorial Day Weekend Plans?
Fill your hand, you SOB!
Urgent! Need Rescue in BC
I think birds are trapped in the soffit
Deaf or Disobedient?
Happy Birthday to Jonah and Gabriel :)
A Friend's Sheepie
Potty issues
Allergy? Ringworm? Help please!
Coming through! Barge arse coming through.
Using 9 inch pan instead of 8 inch
Howling Sheepie
How does a group get 'classified' as rescue??
To spay or not to spay...
Socialising new puppy with or without existing dog?
Porch Paint
What color shoes with white pants?
Water Therapy
China's Visit to the Vet
I THINK I was snoring... and getting on Max's nerves!
DX of Bulging Disc--Where do we go from here?
As Requested-Rum Hooch Recipe!!!
Sex in the City 2
Happy Memorial Day
Taking a long weekend
Happy 2nd Birthday, Asterisk!
Wahl's Stable Pro clippers
Male OES- 2 Years Old- Lebanon, Ohio
Meeker Sheepdog Trials
Wow! Mady vs. Sheep!!
Some people should know better
Excessive peeing?
Asia's 3rd Birthday!
Another update on Frankie
The Poor Soul

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