Using 9 inch pan instead of 8 inch

I have a cake recipe that calls for an 8 inch pan but I have only a 9 inch pan and am too cheap and don't feel like going to the store to buy the 8 inch. Do I need to adjust the baking time for the larger pan?
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I'm no expert and I'm sure there are some who could answer better than me on here (hey JO...) but I would say yes, just because the batter being spread out more would not need as long to cook in the middle because it's "smaller" or thinner in the middle than if the pan were the 8 inch one...

wait-- does that make sense?? 8O
I was at JoAnn's this morning and had a 40% off coupon so I bought an 8 inch pan. So now I have 8 AND 9 inch cake pans. This is for my birthday cake so I figured I better do it right. I'm making Julia Child's Queen of Sheba cake ... of%20Sheba).htm

The recipe I have calls for stuff in measurements of cups instead of ounces. I've been wanting to make this for ages and figured nobody was going to make me a made-from-scratch birthday cake, so I'll do it myself!
You sound like me!! Having/Wanting to make your own bday cake!! I don't like store bought most of the time, and would feel terrible if my family spent money at a nice bakery (but I don't feel terrible if the money is spent for them).

What armywife said!! But I'm glad you found your 8" pans! I like using 8" when it calls for 9" when I don't want the layers to be too thin!!

Tell us how it turns out and I may try that cake myself! I'm trying to decide now what kind of cake to make myself in a month!
As Michael Kors says on Project Runway, I was underwhelmed with the looks. I think I enjoyed making the cake (because I got to use my Kitchen Aid) as opposed to eating it. I wish I had used my 9 inch pan because it has the thingy from the center to the rim that you spin around and it loosens the cake. The problem with the cake is that is it slightly goo-ey in the middle so it's impossible to get it out of the pan in one piece without the loosening thingy. So it came out of the pan like a Jell-O mold--the outside ring was fine, and the middle stuck in in the pan. And I goofed up the icing. I put only 2 TBS of butter in the melted chocolate because it seemed spreadable at that point. But actually it was runny.

However. It's ugly (and I was hoping for a knockout presentation) but it tastes out of this world. I used Ghiardelli semi-sweet bits and those are outstanding. I won't use anything but that brand from now on.
Like my hubby says (when I complain it turned out ugly) looks don't always matter to the belly or the mouth....

Glad it tasted good. I couldn't get the link to work. :(
I greatly dislike the cake cans with the "thingy". Give me a nice professional pan....mine are 35 years old and work well........if I don't screw up the recipe. I'd rather put parchment or even waxed paper in the bottom of the cake pan than rotate that bar around. MIL made lovely cakes with those types of different strokes, etc.

Yes, good chocolate does make all the difference in the world. :wink:

Happy Birthday!
I buttered and floured the bottom of the pan but the cake still stuck. Do you think buttered wax paper would have made it come out easier?
Yes, you butter and flower it too....usually I just spritz it. Of course once out you then have to get the paper off and if it didn't set in the middle..did you cook long'll still have a mess with the paper.
When in doubt, add a few minutes and then come back to the cooled cake and add a "drench" not too much though. Julia Child used a lot of Grand Mariner...the orange liqueur. Rum or other heavy syrup like products would work fine.

Below is a list of the most common cake failures and reasons......I don't exactly see your problem.

- batter over mixed
- wrong type of flour or too much
- too little baking powder/soda or sugar
- oven temperature too hot
- batter over mixed
- too much fat and/or sugar or leavening
- not enough liquid
- oven temperature too low
- wrong liquid pH
- improper mixing
- butter and eggs wrong temperature
- too much or too little fat
- too little baking powder or baking powder is too old
- oven temperature too hot
- wrong pan size
- over baked
- wrong oven temperature
- too much sugar, baking powder/baking soda
- oven temperature too low
- too much baking powder/baking soda
- too little liquid
- too much baking powder/baking soda, sugar, or fat
- improper mixing
- oven temperature too low
According to the recipe, the cake is supposed to be jiggly in the middle--it says "the center will not be completely set." Once it totally cooled, it was the consistency of a squishy meringue. The problem was getting it ouf of the pan after letting it cool 10 minutes (per recipe instructions).
You just can't go wrong with chocolate!! Happy Birthday! :bdcake:

I line the bottom of my cakes with parchment paper. I don't use wax paper for baking as the wax can melt off onto the cake while it's in the oven. For me, wax paper is interchangeable with Saran Wrap, but not with parchment paper.

Laurie and Oscar
you are right about the melting wax paper, but often that's all I have....
The best thing about baking a choclate cake is when you have a disaster. You make another and eat the evidence with your fingers!
Yeah, when it comes to chocolate, it doesn't have to be pretty!

With a white or yellow cake you can make a trifle.....yeah sponge cake would be better...and smother all in liqueur, fruit, pudding and whipped cream.
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