What color shoes with white pants?

I bought white pants (dress slacks for work). I refuse to buy white shoes. What other color can I wear with them? I have to wear heels with these slacks, so I have black, brown, and a natural linen. Oh, I also have pale pink, and pink and white. The problem is that the top I want to wear with the pants is white, kelly and navy. Fashion advice please!
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Firstly... I admire your bravery! I can never wear white ANYTHING. I'm accident prone - especially guilty of spilling coffee on myself. :oops:

I would recommend beige or navy.
I'd love to wear whitle slacks... but I'd probably sit in something and have it all over my backside :D My mom has a nice pair she wears and she's always managed to stay clean.
I'd say of you want to wear the navy and green top... and don't have navy shoes & don't want to go buy any... then go with the black.
I paid only $19.99 for them (lined and everything!) so when I get stains ont hem after wearing them twice, I won't feel bad. I actually had the perfect pair of shoes but apparently they don't fit me any longer. I'll go with black pumps. I figure nobody looks at my feet anyway!
Any color - just match your top. :D
I'd go with navy shoes if you want to wear a kelly green & navy top. Otherwise, my first choice would be RED! I love red shoes, white pants & a red top! And who says people don't look at shoes??????? I love to look at shoes people are wearing. I think because as I am getting older, I am so limited in the styles I can wear now. No more high heels :( , has to be a wide width :( & then try to find it in a 6-1/2 or 7 8O . Almost impossible to find all of that & then have them be comfortable too. New Balance here I come again.......................
Since you didn't spend a fortune on the pants..........TREAT YOURSELF TO NEW SHOES.
I think you deserve them :high5:
If you are not going with white (which are hard to find anyway) go with something that works with the top. So look at your shoes and buy tops! Much easier to find something that fits than shoes.......for me especially.
I say match the shoes with the top. I thought black and navy was a serious no-no, but what do I know? :D
I love white pants/skirts/shorts with black top and black shoes. I would buy new top to go with the black shoes. This coming from one who has 4 black skirt suits, 6 black skirts, and an embarrasing number of black pants, capris, etc :oops: .
Oh I love the red showes advice! But if you are wearing a navy blouse, I'd go navy. Unless its around 4th of July - which I would then wear the red, white and blue :lol:
The beauty of white pants is you can basically wear any color. I would match my top or add a coordinating color. I like the idea of the linen shoes too with the white pants...And if you are doing a black and white theme, black shoes are good...
Ruby ones from the wizard of Oz :lol: :lol: :lol: They would certainly stand out 8) :lol:

paula white anything goes whatever coloured top match the shoes :wink:
Anything looks good after a few glasses of scotch! :wink: :wink: :wink:
Earth shoes? Birkenstock?

Roman Sandals?
you can wear pretty much anything with white..it is a neutral....

since your top is multi colored, id wear the linen ones or the brown...both being neutral themselves...
I second what Darcy said! I'm wearing white pants today and white wedges...but if I didn't have these shoes, I'd be wearing brown or beige.
I always feel safe with brown.
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