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I'm a first time home owner (if you couldn't already tell by my posts). I have a porch in my backyard that is in desperate need of a new paint job. I think that Candy didn't use a proper porch paint when she painted it; all the paint has rubbed off.

I know you can get porch paint, but what type of paint should I be looking for? My mother has always warned me against flat paints, since they don't wash well. On the porch, should I get a gloss or a satin? I know the shine factor, but what about durability?

Does ANYONE know what I should do?
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They make a paint specific to outdoors. I'd ask at the paint store what type would be best. Then just pick your color. It may make a difference in paint if you have a wooden porch or a cement one...
Yes I'd recommend getting outdoor paint too. It has UV protection so it lasts longer before it fades in the weather.
There is a specific paint - can't remember if it said porch or floor - but it usually is a gloss. And it really does last well!
This article says has more than I would have mentioned:

When painting a porch or floor, wall paint is not going to get the job done. Floor paint is manufactured with a chemical makeup specifically formulated to allow the paint to dry harder, adhere better and to withstand heavy traffic. When painting a porch or floor, you have several choices of the type of paint to use. To achieve a high gloss finish with easy maintenance one choice is urethane. Acrylic latex will have a lower sheen than urethane but it will provide a relatively non-slip finish. Latex floor paint is one of the most popular coatings for concrete floors, but an oil-based epoxy paint will provide a more abrasion-resistant finish that lasts longer.

Before applying any paint it is necessary to prep the surface of the porch or floor to make sure it is completely clean and free of any oil and grease. Sprinkle the area with a good coating of cat litter, allow it to absorb the oil and grease and then sweep it away. (I'd use ACT, http://www.actcleaners.com/category_s/1.htm it is awesome!!--ed) Scrub the area clean using a mixture of detergent and water. Rinse the porch thoroughly to remove any detergent residue. Let the porch dry for two to three days before painting.

A previously painted surface should be cleaned with TSP. If mildew is present, remove it with a bleach and water solution. Rinse thoroughly after removing the mildew and allow the porch to dry completely. Scrape or sand the surface free of any loose or flaking paint. A pole sander may help you with this part of the job. Clean the porch floor Damp Mop to thoroughly remove any dust created by the sanding.

New wood can be painted using an acrylic latex paint specifically for floors. Prime the wood with two coats of thinned latex to allow better penetration. After the primer coats, a minimum of two additional coats of latex paint should be applied. A paint pad or paint roller on an extension pole will allow you to cover a large surface in a short amount of time. Allow the paint to dry thoroughly between coats to prevent a tacky finish from forming.

When painting a porch floor or steps, stir a small amount of sand into the paint to provide better traction and to help prevent falls in stormy weather. To help prevent insects from landing in your wet paint, add several drops of citronella oil to each gallon of paint. The paint finish won’t be affected and the paint will repel the bugs. To help minimize lap marks, roll from a dry area to a wet area. A previously painted concrete floor does not require to be etched with acid unless there are bare spots or loose or peeling paint present. When using an acid product wear the proper safety equipment such as gloves and protective eye gear and follow all manufacturers’ instructions.
Great tip about adding sand :)
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