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my lovely Muffy is biting
Mail order candy supplies in Indiana?
And Here We go..........
Rubbing his face on EVERYTHING!
Buyer Beware
Gifts for my Girlfriends Book Club
OESCA Yearbook
herding this weekend in VA
I know this is a scam but have a look
Pippins gynormous announcement
Question about food poisoning..
OES for the Obamas
Cleo,look at the photos in the albums here,of puppies
Black or White
Sorry, some bad news.
Please have a look...
He's here!
Did you vote?
Voting pet peeve
oes found in Ottawa IL
Snowy has been very BAD
Is Anyone Watching True Blood on HBO?
wow didnt realise he was so thin
Vicious attack
Phoebe needs a little sister
seperation anxiety??
OES missing/stolen in Australia.
The Great Pelt Debate
People have the power!
A Paws for thought.
Congrats to Pres to be Obama
Prescription meds via the internet
3 yrd old OES male in shelter in New Mexico
United States of America - liberal, or conservative?
People with no food and I am throwing some out.
Im looking for!!! Some Dalmation Earrings
Fuzzy face girl in NC
Wanted: extra crispy pizza dough Recipes
hi from NC
Quin has lymphoma
who is guilty?
freaked at the teeter
Author Michael Crichton died
Another steam cleaner thread (for tile)
Grooming Tables
Phone Scam?
Now -we can vote for the puppy that joins the White House!
Looking for a southern gentleman
what can i write names on biscuits with?
What is the best insured therapy dog program?
post-election update
Question for OES breeders
Gack! Need some menu help...
A Dog Named Christmas
HAPPY BIRTHDAY DARCY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anyone use calm caps with their sheepie?
We're House Hunting!!!!
Stuffed toy OES
AAAARGH I finally find a weight pull ...
Inside House Pics
Special Request for the next OES litter
Back to the Gym...back to square one!
Has your dog ever bitten you?
Playground Bully
President-elect Obama - new website
Doorbells in commercials
Can I use lotion on the inside of an ear flap?
Winnipeg weather.....and Hudson
chewing gum with Xylitol
Do breeders have different standards for their dogs?
Back to agility
female Bobtail in dog pound
New Therapy for allergies?
U V protection for the coat.
Independent pottying?
the strange things alcohol makes us do
Ice cream ornaments
Rally and Chewie rocked this weekend!
My body clock will not change, and you?
what is the price of turkey where you live
Oooooh new smiley!!
Air biting
Quiches and dessert
Top Chef
Sheriff Lizzie Rides Again!

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