Rubbing his face on EVERYTHING!

So, I'm sure this is an extension of all his itchies, but Barney rubs his face on everything he comes across. It can be me, the couch, the carpet...He runs along the bed and goes all 3 sides rubbing his face and back.

We're getting new furniture soon and I don't want him to do this to the new furniture. Anyone have any suggestions as to either get him to stop the rubbing altogether (ideal) or prevent him from ever rubbing the new furniture (which is wood and don't want it scratched)?

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Ughh... Yuki does this too whenever she gets anxious (followed by eating her buttocks). So.. I'm listening for suggestions too. At first we thought it was the bows in her head but when I took them out, she still did it.
Pirate runs back and forth rubbing his face on our couch. He looks like an idiot when he's done, with his whiskers going every which way!

I have no idea why he does that. :roll:
yeah, panda does the same thing on the sofa...but if im laying stretched out on the sofa, she prefers to run her face up my leg.....ick!

and deb, panda has the same goofy hairstyle when she is
My yorkie does this when she is in the slightest bit damp. If she has had a drink of water or got her face wet outside she goes mad. (actually all my late yorkies have done the same!)
George does this too.

maybe its just a sheepie things and we just have to learn to live with it :lol:
Ru does it too, especially after he has eaten. The other day he started doing it along the walls :twitch:
Chewie doesn't, but Simon the basset does it along the front of the couch.
Thankfully it's a cover, and way down low! :D
Yep, same here. George likes to rub his face along the arm of my couch or front side, whichever he comes to first. Usually followed by a full body rub and a groan of pleasure. :lol:
All mine do this ( Westies and my OES X ) ....even more so when I've sprayed the sofa or rugs with fabric freshening spray .......sends them wild but they smell nicer afterwards too ! :D

Julie x
Chauncey does this when I spray anything...air freshner, perfume, pledge.....etc. He goes nuts, rubs his head on the couch, carpet, me, whatever.
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