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Hi from NY
How long is your attention span?
How come no one told me about craigslist earlier?
New Addition
How many true water dogs are here?
A new trick??? ( a brag!!!)
Could have been real bad....
Need Quick Decision Made (next 17 min)
Awaiting Puppies......
Going Green
Hi From West Virginia
I'm sure the vet thinks I'm crazy.
I need HELP! what do I do?
Mangus passed away. 1984 or 1985 - 7-15-2008
Twiggy Stolen
Puppy training in AK?
Agility course at the dog park.
Aggression or Dog Chatter and the Bone
My female Sheepie has an extra nipple!
Somebody talk to Quin!!
Another Fencing Question
Saturday July 19, The Shaggy Dog
Breaking up a dog fight
Figs, figs and more figs!!! I Need Recipes!
Preperations for a trip to the UK
What do I do ?? Pictures added
"Should I breed?" flow chart
Mama Mia!!
Tango and family says Hello!
puppy herding older dog
It's me or the dog
I am so ashamed...
Preventive Operation for Bloat?
Thrombocytopenia emerges while treated for Lyme/TBD
My dogs are not conspiring against me.....right?
Poll - Would you feed it to you dog?
Harry is 3!
Had to get Bella shaved
Is it true that HSUS and PeTA refuse to condemn dognapping?
I found a Dalmatian today.
What is Clayden?
Canidae bought by Diamond foods
I'm going to do it! I just bought an Andis clipper!
Blood in Stool
The Dark Knight
Puppy Food
Anyone have any old Weight Watchers plans/books B4 points?
For those of you that have had a colonoscopy :)
Appointment confusion at the Doctor's office
What we did this weekend-Biosphere2 and Taliesin West!
itouch rocks
Big OES Small dog
More fun on "What is Clayden"
Thank you all
Dog Birthday Cake Recipe
What are your goals that benefit something.
Advantage makes some Nasty Bad Breath!
my "baby' is a BIG girl now............
He chewed a hole in his foot!
Where can I get a healthy sheepdog for a reasonable price?
The Presidential Race has now REALLY begun.
OES in Springfield I need help
Ear Infection Gone Wild
runny eyes
Dominant Behavior?
Dr. W. Jean Dodds on Animal Talk July 30th 2:30 ET
Vaccinations 101 -- The Whole Dog Journal August 2008 issue
Will my new OES female puppy get on with my 3 year old OES?
Special Message from Twiggy
Humping my leg???
Help please! Emaciated puppy!
Anyone ever break a rib?
Guess who turns 50 on Friday
Dog of the Day is Kiera Jean
How to Clip Him Myself?
Grout Color - Need to tell them real soon
Ice Cubes
Okay, pick my tile
Another stain removal problem
Going camping with 3 dogs- Are we crazy ??
Dolly ages 7 months

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