Canidae bought by Diamond foods

I heard that Diamond foods bought Canidae. I was already off of the food for my guys because of the new this. I am feeding Natural Balance now...the limited ingredient lamb and rice and they are doing great on it. Has anyone else heard this?
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i have duffy it the all life stages i heard they did not change that one
Yes, it's always recommended to me as a great food for dogs with a VERY sensitive tummy and allergies. However, it was too rich for Yuki and several other users here who have tried it.

And I mentioned this in another thread but while googling I ran across several complaints of their dogs getting sick from canidae. Something about the dog food being old or something. ...always after an owner opened a new bag of dog food.
I hadn't heard that - anyone with hard evidence??
It is part of my rotation (just the regular - ALS formula) and they are on it now. All are doing fine. Chewie is actually gaining weight!
I did notice the ALS formula is way more expensive now than the other 2 (chicken, lamb and rice) maybe they got changed?
They replaced 4/5ths of the rice with other starches in the lamb and rice. Gave my dogs really loose stools, so I changed to Natural Balance LID. Only lamb and rice in that one.
I found this in a search, but I don't know where the email came from. It does make sense to me after they replaced almost all the rice in the lamb and rice. Argh!!! I thought it was a good food.

An email from Canidae:

"Due to overwhelming customer support and increased demand on our
products, we have been faced with unique production capacity
challenges. Our growing customer support and demand has pushed for
increased capacity, therefore we have outsourced additional
from Diamond Pet Foods. Our customers demand and deserve no less than
the highest quality safe ingredients, as well as state of the art
consistent manufacturing. Outsourcing additional production from
Diamond comes not without first carefully instating and accepting
the strictest testing protocols, as well as mandating stringent
operating procedures to ensure the highest quality products possible
at every level of production. We are very happy with this
and the high quality formulations we are able to bring to you.

Expect Excellence!
Team Canidae"
We found Canidae an excellent food years ago, but too rich
for our guy. We tried a few other foods and settled on
Artemis Fresh Mix which he loves.

Wendy good to know your dogs are doing well on Natural
Balance (that was our second choice). We may rotate to
that at some point.
Mine are on Natural Balance allergy, fish and sweet potato, they were on California Natural, Salmon and sweet potato, but the 3 of them got way toooooooo gassy :wink:
I opened a new bag of Canidae ALS last week before we left for the show.
There was a noticable color difference between the old and new.
The new stuff is a bit lighter in color and the chunks look smoother. Interesting.

We were at a show, and both Chewie and Simon go off their feed anyway, so I can't see if it affected them. Todd said the dogs at home ate it just the same as normal.

That was what happened to me. In the lamb and rice formula they replaced a lot of the rice with peas. My dogs got loose stools and gas that wouldn't quit. I am now using Natural Balance L.I.D. Lamb and rice only.
Diamond did not buy Canidae. By the way Nat Balance is made at Diamond.
I read that Canidae is outsourcing and in partnership with Diamond foods. My main reason for switching however, was that they replaced 4/5ths of the rice in the lamb and rice formula with other starches. There was no warning on the bag of a new formula, and it didn't sit well with my dogs. My older OES has food allergies. I switched to Natural Balance for the limited ingredient diet. I knew they bagged the food at Diamond before. Diamond does also manufacture a portion of Canidae food now.

I am sure Canidae is still a good quality food...just didn't like the suprise switch of formula.
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