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Hi all!
How About Voting for Scooter in the Bissell Pet Contest
OESCSEWI sponsored agility foundation seminar-Waterford, WI
We're "Sheepie-sitting!"
Family advice desperately needed
Winter Storm
AT what age do OES get their adult coat of hair?
Pop quiz #1
Top Dog??
(New) Computer frustrations ARRRGGHHH!!! !!!
Pop Quiz #2
Started destructive chewing while home alone
looking for REAL Irish Stew Recipe
Help with Top Knots and Pig Tails
Dancing dogs
An old favorite- Scalloped Cauliflower Recipe
First Anniversary
Why do you live where you live
Playdate in NC???
Body aroma and paw-pad licking
Have you read a book by a good author recently?
Not dog, but still pretty important.
A Pet Shelter
Naked sheepies are the lovingest.... : )
Anyone with expertise on Cushings?
Looking for a website to find windchimes or windbells
Whatta you having for Sunday dinner?
Sheepie stole my salami
Nose Spots
Happy Birthday Rags! (the 23rd)
Crock Pot Pulled Pork Recipe
Croque Monsieur Ham and Cheese Sandwich Recipe
Pulling causing blue tongue
Up Up and Away
How much hair is too much hair...loss
When do I start cleaning the ears?
Pulling on leash....should I use a harness?
Adult Nipping
My 13 week old is 25 pounds
Breeding Pair in Utah
Leftover Meatloaf Recipes please! What to do?
For puppy school we need to teach chiquita a trick
Update: United States Live Animal Shipping Policy Changes
Good deal or "not"
Help!!!! Peeing in the house
How much nerve does a thief have??
Who Knew the Many uses of Vodka?
New Chicken Crock Pot recipe
Low cal / carb side dish ideas
new lab puppy, worried
Harley's Hair is Growing and bugging his eyes...trim or not
You know you're losing it when...
Any suggestions for Registered Name?
Why, Why Why....
2 dogs free to good home
Rebecca is having oral surgery on Thursday.
When does it end???
Marley is having Surgery this morning
Hints for how to get puppy to go to crate
No see 'em bites
Help! My puppy is keeping me up during the night!
Are tomatoes bad for dogs?
a rude awakening
Where's Ginny?
bag of nerves
crate training
Static Hair (human)
Agility experiment
Yuki won't stop throwing up...
Chuck Roast Po' Boys Recipe
SheepieFest of The West 4 - March 7 & 8 - Itinerary
When can i leave him in his crate all day?
bad boys
COUNTER SURFER Will those Scat Mats work?
Possesive about the back yard? Is that possible?
Do your puppies sometimes just skip a meal?
Sheep Dog Behavior

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