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Play dates for the south
Low Albumin levels
anyone wear scrubs to work?
Traditional New Year's Day foods?
Question about rescue
Rastus got jealous
That bad puppy coat transition stage question
One more question: Tear stains
Guinness needs his hip replaced
SO are you going out tonight or
Fake Virus Scanner Antivirus 2009
How long to dry
Darn coupons!!!
New Year's Day Cake Recipe
Celebration all around the world.
Conformation and Rally weekend
take a seat
How many books have I read this year?
Sydney NYE 2008/09 Fireworks
HAPPY 2009!!!!!! FROM US (Pearl and Heart!!)
my hubby is the best
Mason Pearson brush,which one???do I want for OES
New Year
The Historian
fear aggression
I just sent one last email to Hudson's breeder...and CKC
Question About Fireworks
2009 has been declared The Year of the Sheepdog!!!
A two dog leash?
Giving teething puppy baby aspirin?
Possessive over bone but not food
Sybil shares the secret to a successful agility run
And More
If I did not have dogs
OES Puupy Nipping only my Kids
Emmett's Been Sick - We Can't Figure Out What's Wrong
2009 joke!!!
What do you do with....
Ellie has a dislocated hip
Why Crate?
Long, but worth reading
sheepdog joke....
The puppy, table, people, ice skaters, treats, and ???
What is a good Heartworm medication?
New Year, New ME!!!
Big Big Brag on Baloo
Nearly New Year Birthday!
How Long? Large Breed Puppy chow
A Sunny hello from Canada!
Best large breed puppy kibble?
sheepie names...why????
Weaning to adult food
HELP- He was previously allowed to poop in crate
Do dogs think things over? Do they make decisions?
When is it time?
Who invaded my dreams last night. or my nightmare
Maci, my Jack Russell
Garage door openers......
New Champion-bizzeeboots Beau Rivage
Coat Transition
Cross your fingers for me, the day has finally come.....
2009 OESCA Fundraiser!
For once it's not Checkers whose in trouble!
churns my stomach
gutted...... the vets scalped billy
Trojan horse computer issue
Lunch--January 18, Lake Zurich IL--Hackney's
News Article - Local Dog Show
Post Holiday Onyum fest at Hackneys!
todays smile
what do you do when you see something like this?
OESCA Health Survey reminder
barking at 3 months old
Do You Remember When
How long between seasons?
Gave Sammie a bath, and I'm in shock!

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