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Archies new friend
archie and rubys new youtube channel
SOON SOON SOON, Going to be a Grandmother SOON!
Football is HERE! Go B-U-C-K-S
Questions about Coat Coloring
Finally have internet.
Guess what Chewie did?
New Member's Pup Search/ Anyone familiar with this breeder?
if you could move to another country?
Picking up Willow next Sunday
Gustav update
New Member from Pennsylvania
How smart is she
Oil for turkey fryer
Boxing/batting at each other
He looks like the Swamp Thing!
Nationals - Wednesday schedule
ADVICE PLEASE: Swollen Lymph Node - Human Variety
Poll-Who do you want to win the Presidential Election?
Archie has been done
Grooming Table advice
bath video
My Baby Boy Finn
Help! Coworkers lab won't eat!
Happy 40th!
Suggestion for BD present for husband
Building a grooming room
Identity Theft!
Multivitamins for dog
Electric Pressure Cooker vs Stove Top Pressure Cooker
I Have GREAT news X 2
Gunky eyes
pet insurance poll uk
About Dog Training and using Aversives
looking for oes
California, here i come..........
A funny thing happend on the way home from work......
I wanna have a shot and a beer with Sarah
6 Month OES on Boise, Idaho Craigslist
1 Year Old OES- Washington DC Craigslist
1000 posts!
Dirty daycare dog
What did I do?
Summer jumping up
Fun with movie maker!
NATIONAL issue...
I'm 4!
hair in the sheepie eyes
They're getting so big!
Calm Grooming?
What's you sheepie's typical day?
Now you have to pay for your FIRST check-in Baggage
Goldendoodle Rescue Organizations
Should I get this Electrolux double oven or not?
ugh, what have i done???
It's Tess' coming out party
Winter workouts-what's your fitness plan?
12 week old Puppy Growling/Biting
Still no power = and ike?
I just could not believe it
Un-freakin' believable
First herding experience for my OES and Belgian Malinois
Shaggy Girl dumped in the park
My puppy is home!
Chewie is getting closer!
Something I forgot about puppies...
oes mixes in GA need help now
Wow is he doing well.
I'm a GRANDMA!!!
So. Cal. OES Rescue Parade
Laundry Room Help!
OMGosh, I want to move back to Alaska! (snakes!!!!)
I just have to share this sheepie story
Naughty Sweetpea!
Note to Pets
5 month old destructive behavior...when does it end?
I want to get some Clippers!!!!
Kiera has Pancreatits

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