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Rimadyl info
Heartgard info
ProHeart Info
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Dog Wormer info
Pet Insurance info
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Bach's Rescue Remedy
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Pet Smells

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Diarrhea Rice Water

Sheepdog Grooming
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Dog Listener
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Really gross OES poop experience
A New Earth - Oprah & Tolle
Raincoat Suggestions
Question for all in the medical field-Peripheral Neuropathy?
Remo is sick
~. Larry Ferchak -- 01 Aug 1950 - 31 May 2008 .~
Good-bye folks!
An odd one
Happy 1st Birthday....HEART!!!!!!
Wedding Gift Wrap Needed
Crate success.
Just returned from boot camp!
Moist Rich Chocolate Cake Recipe
Let's Welcome Guests...
Remo got good news at the vet today.
Daisy isn't eating
The Unhealthiest Drinks Exposed
Green tea diet
Freshpet Select Dog Food
Can we turn the negative vibe back to positive?
Happy Wedding Anniversary Helen!!!
My husband "coerced" me into joining a gym! Help!
A change of pace
Sex and the City, the movie
How much does it cost to fly with your dog?
steam cleaning carpet question
What I like about ebay (changes)
old toys...
What kind of harness/seat belt do I buy?
Quarantine dogs in Hawaii
Doggie sitter wanted - DALLAS AREA - June 23rd -30th
Food Allergies - where to start
Need adoptive family for oes in Texas
Red hair
age limit
Happy 30th Wedding Anniversary Kim! (OldEnglish)
My little girl is looking out for my little girl
Just dropped Allie at Groomers. Help!
Clay Aiken, the father
I love a good fight BUT....
Consumerism comes to an end with Consumer Reputation Checks!
12 year old sheep dog in Maine
What's wrong with dominance theory
I reunited two friends after 30 something years....
kisses for the old snarly lady LOL
Incontinence in 2y/o?!?
DFW Sheepie meet - look at the great pictures!
Nervous/Anxiety Peeing
Lucy in Kansas City Shelter!!!
Training the trainer?
Asian Burgers (salmon) Recipe
Menu Food settlement in poison dog food case
Biting while petting
Poached Pear Salad w/ Cranberry Red Wine Vinaigrette Recipe
Agility diet
Sheepiepalooza pictures are on the club website!
We conquered one of our issues
Excersizing in the heat...?
Walking without the harness - yikes!
Of a feline sort...not using pan
Behavior of sheep dogs/any dogs
Putting the cat down
Jello/pudding dessert--South Beach recipe???
Popular Chicken Alfredo Recipe in my house-serves 4
Willow and nipping
More cupcakes
Minnesota cooks!
Boston Cream Cupcakes Recipe
Those who always have good luck, come Mr. J's way please
Back to Agility
Listerine (for real???)
Soft toys
Biting/Breeder Question
Baby OES/Beardie mix in NC
Charity Ball 2008
Retro candy--where to buy?
Tips for helping one year old OES settle in
Chocolate Mint Cookies Recipe

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