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what about the actual bath?
Sunny peed the bed!
Our holiday gift giving's a goodie!
here's a laugh for the day
Read any good books lately?
Urgent Notice: Potential Danger of Dog Hair.....
Is there hope?
Please Spread the Word
900 Greyhounds will be Euthanized!
New Moon
Pumpkin Cake w/Cream Cheese Frosting Recipe
Buffalo Chicken in the Crock Pot Recipe
What are your plans for Thanksgiving?
What are you responsible for this year for turkey day?
It pays to shop around!
What's your favourite tipple?
Recall on pig ears and beef hooves
Hi from Windy City
How much to feed the guy?!
my spirit pup
What is a "direct check?"
Breeader info
Check or cheque?
hair falling out
"Aluminum" or "Aluminium"?
Long Island Iced (Ice?) Tea.
"Ice tea" or "Iced Tea"?
"Orthopedic" or "Orthopaedic"?
need recipe for fresh turkey IT sauage also pork
Black Friday Shopping?
Ever thought what dogs think?
Turkey babies
Happy Birthday, Drezzie's Mom!
Dog Park Superstar
I need coat suggestions!!!!
Dog related gifts for your doglover friends
Got Birthday? Got Sheep!!!!
Just when you think they are grown up.......
beginners herding effort - video (OES)
Hattie's has a "Puppy Cut" Yeah!!!!!
Happy Birthday Ashley!
shipping puppies/dogs
Happy Birthday Georgie Girl!
A few questions
all white
Buying Word for Windows
pulling and jumping
Show Cut...?
Elementary school teachers should not outlive their students
How much does your average day to day outfit cost?
Urgent 3 OES in Tazwell VA
My New Dog is peeing constantly
diarrhea from food what??
Any migraine sufferers out there?
any advice after neutering?
Langley almost lost his equipment AGAIN!
Max is 15 Today!
favorite toys
Analysis of a Cesar Milan Episode
puppy coat or adult can you tell?
Do you know..
Her first visit...........
Regrets on having or not having kids
what should I do, what is wrong???!!!!
WE-WEE WII? No matter how ya spell it hubby wants one. HELP.
the life of a dog
Happy Birthday, Daphne
movie help
Tricks and Games class
How did your pre- holiday morning start
:-( Shaved again!
It's only a freak'n hamburger
we got 14 turkeys and now!!!!!
Hello from Michelle and Zoe!!!
Odd (fairly pointless) question
OMG!Seeing a friend after 30 + years!
Yet another Hudsonism...
VACCINE SEMINAR Drs. W. Jean Dodds & Ronald Schultz
need help..from forum...

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