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Raw Fed banned by Delta Society
Two dogs and one chili pot.
(Non-OES) Riley's 1st rally trial
Rowdy and Tiggy in cahoots again!
problems with uploading photos/linking photos
Mady training her people
anti-fatigue pads for grooming
eagle cam.... one missing????
Harry and Heart on their best behavior
Bella's new trick... :)
They actually do something called traction???
Should I worry about Mady biting hard things?
Happy Birthday Paula!
Where did my (reasonably) well behaved sheepie go?
oops forgot the fence was there
sheepie in California in need of help...
The Better Marriage Saving Blanket!
Need recipe for make ahead sandwich for 8
"Cancelled" or "Canceled?"-Continued
One of the nicest Doggie videos in a long time!
Ear Infection for Nigel
Update on Zorro "Fairbancks of Snowboot Bears"
Disappearing sheepdog
I got a refund check from the government and Notice 54
Happy Anniversary Old English
First Group 1
Heart is 3!
Maverick vs. Toddler, Husband (and newborn on the way)
Treat your spouse like your dog?
Reduced appetite?
Question for breeders about size of puppies
Oh my...another one with a scary LA
Breeders in Saskatchewan, Canada
Help with Puppy-Rough Biting (not just Nipping or Mouthing)
Grooming table making your dog stand
Sheepdogs in the Ottawa area?
Barks at Toddlers/Babies
All Systems Go For Gilligan!
Not OES, a beagle and hound mix
Tasker is gone
What puppy brush to use?
NEOES Specialty
Help Please - OES Refusing to Walk
Illinois Vaccine Seminar Dr. Schultz 10/10/10
My vet say I should spay at 5 months. Should I?
Questions about bloat
1st Agility Match!
Pit bull next door...
Nieces grad party yesterday---only 3 more parties to go!
This is hilarious...and true :)
Rum Runners Recipe
Use caution if you find a soda bottle BOMB!
our aging sheeps
Need advice-My dog gets upset when we have fun in the house.
2 sheepdogs in dubuque iowa
HELP new oes is very territorial
Protecting the flock
UKC Weight Pull - Chewie and Biscuit with video
Chip-In for Gilligan!
CGC Testing Next Week!
Incontinent or not
My Dog Lola has Thinner Hair. What can cause this?
It must be pheremones
Jumping off the dock
Credentialing a site to accept Therapy Dogs
Sheepie Eyes
Boundary issues

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