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Introducing Guinness
Happy Birthday Frankie my sweet baby sheepie
Dog abuse...what to do???????????
Next Club Meeting
should I feel guilty?
Blocking the T.V....a sheepie trait?
someone explain to me...
Looking for an OES in Maryland
Sudden Temporary Loss of Memory-(TGA)-Scary Night!
Is this the end of the storm? Waters have calmed?
Henley of My Name is Henley
How much does your house cost and what's your credit score?
Amazing Race
Pinecone the epileptic dog
Maxine at Training Class
Biting the lead
How to post sheepie hair do's for show and tell....
Getting a new sheepdog April 17th
Am I the last to finish taxes?
My Dear Father-In-Law has passed away.
Kennel blind
Do I HAVE to shave my Sheepie in the summer?
Update on Dillon
Just a few more weeks...
You Have Been Warned...
Anyone know how to crochet?
The Late Great Mamoo's Birthday
Yea! Pet Land here is going out of business!
funny photo made me smile
Favorite Dog Trick
Dog in Alabama, labeled as Bearded Collie?
Flawed thinking
The beginning of Agility Gerl's adventures
Frankie had another follow up today
Pure Paws Products? Has anyone tried them? How do they work?
Skin Ailments in OES
Where did you get your pup in Texas and other questions.
Stick of long to pass?
One of us has a new Rally Advanced title!
Ear Licking
Buffalo Chicken Wing Dip Recipe
Holy sheep! My first Bobtail.
Chasing Cats
arthritis onset
URGENT--Defeat CA Rabies Bill AB 2689
I just dewormed my puppy. Did I get them all? Is she cured?
Happy Birthday Dublin Mae!
How do you find Dog Shows??
Sheepie in Oconto, WI
Eye cream reccomendation (for people)
need some help! looking to adopt a puppy...
Remote training collar
Fat little girl
Lure coursing opportunity - Somers, WI
Could everyone on Facebook do me a HUGE favor?
City Ordinance on pet limit
My sweet Henry is 1!
More on the eagle webcam
Spinal Osteoarthritis and calcification
post-neutering question
What is that smell.....ewww the dog did it!
So who wants to hook up my DVD player?
What does it mean when your Sheepie gives you his rear end?
Shag listed in Tarheel oes rescue
My Missing Piece.
Maaa the Cat woz norty!
Weird behaviour
Maizie Has a Hernia!!!
Does anybody have the Droid?
Got sheep, any lamb videos/pics???

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