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OES in Dayton, OH
how do i enter my sheepies photo?
I wish I came with a built in camera (Synchronized Peeing)
Frankies ears
How many of you are exercising?
How many pounds are you trying to lose?
Calling all experts with geriatric puppies.....
Disney World Question
OES Performance For Life T-Shirt Contest Winner Announcement
What to do w/ leftover sloppy joes
Wahl Kennel Pro Clipper Kit
What are some things you're ashamed to admit?
OMG Hudson just ate an entire chicken breast in one gulp
1st Agility class
Happy Thoughts Please (Maggie getting Spayed)
VIRGINIA HB322 Medical Exemption Clause Legislation
I got a job at last!
Crock Pot BBQ Chicken Recipe
Art Preview
You know you're a dog lover when...
A baby now!!!
Can't think for myself Facebook Questions
Update on Hudson...and a Rudy moment.
Jumping and Biting Everyone--At the End of Our Ropes!!!
Update On Maggie
Frankies shoulder surgery update
bad bad sheepdogs.........
baby update
We Have a PERKY Puppy
Desperately Looking
Acceptable or unacceptable behavior (growling)
Dog doors and wildlife
companion for sheepie
OES mix in kill shelter, AUSTIN, TX
How much exercise is too much, for an older dog?
Hotel Recommendations for a Florida Vacation in April
Get well card
Chicken coupes
Leg bowed
Dog Park Poo Nazi
Private Benjamin
New New York OES Club - first meeting!!
How long should I worry about Hudson?
Pleasant Experience at the AKC Show
tooth fairy
First AKC Trial
Canine Freestyle Club Experience Anyone?
Happy 2nd anniversary of my 29th birthday!
Does anyone else collect Blythe dolls?
OES in Indiana Humane Society
Oliver's (Ch Lambluv Gambolon the Twister) first litter
how to post pictures?
sweaty paws???
teaching Heart to tug!!!!
coopering-part 4 (almost the end!)
Trying to bite on walks
Merlin on the sick list!
Happy Birthday to Violet's kitty sister Pearl!
Pea Sized Bumps on the Skin
OES in South Carolina
11 month OES on Chicago craigslist
Gabriel :)
Is His Coat Changing-and other Grooming Questions.
Indianapolis Mutt Strut at the Indy 500 Track
My OES won't go for a walk-she's scared of everything!
Best age to begin training
Sybil's "baby"
Maggie rules....once again
Is it considered weird to be jealous of your dogs?
Farrah Fawcett Snubbed by Oscar (the Academy)?
Cushing's and Lysodren
My dog Brick is afraid to go out the back door.
How do you take the temp?
With who (what character) on TV do you identify?
Pink dog?
Guess the character!

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