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Finnigan's Howling Lesson (clip incl. hopefully)
10 week old puppy biting clothes and arms
I think Pirate is grownup now...and I'm a little sad
Drawings from Wendy.
Husbands and obedience training
Does anyone Faux Tan?
dog obstacle course
oh ey yi yi yi oyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
is my puppy over weight
She's five months old and 50 pounds!!!
coming up on a month of no house accidents
Wheat and Gluten free flour
I'm Excited!
Help! My 8 month old puppy is matting!
Duncan let Harry know that Harry was being rude
Casey's Trick
oes rescue uk
Langley is he trained??
Sheepiepalooza packing??
Still not potty trained at 6 months???
Recommendation for a detangler
Special Hair Ties for OES
OES Forum
Unethical Breeder in Southern Oregon
My new Forum- my life with Willow
1st haircut/certain parts now pink/raw
Our Onyum feast was a blast!
Sheepherding at it's best
Sheepiepalooza and crating......
kennel joy
Encouragement & Expert Advice Needed YESTERDAY!!
Anyone cook oxtails?
10 minutes peace!
Girlfriend thinks I'm a nutcase!!
The Devil & the Duck
Crockpot marinara recipe needed!
You ever noticed how stubborn these guys can be????
rough rough ROOF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Laika saved Langley's life
Barney's allergies update (again!)
What scissors would you buy...
Apples and wine
Anyone close enough to Ottawa, Ont interested in Dog Park?
GET A FREE MEAL!! Must Read Asap
Grammie's girls.......
Extreme Grooming!!!
well the traveling circus is about out the door.........
The craziest hour and a half
Biggest Loser: Mike or Ron?
How to get pills down a stubborn girl
Economic Plan
New OES Puppy 10 weeks old, tips?
Snowy is trying to rule the other 2
Please Pray for Pogo-My dog has nose bleeds
Sheepie at the Flying Pig?
sheepdog on craigslist
How to Dance in the rain
I was so clever with meatloaf leftovers!
Is this normal for a sheepie to do/get?!
My sheepie dog is not doing well
12 Week Old Car Lunging??
How hot is TOO hot?
Free Sheepdog on
Sammy is home...
its my birthday and to disney i will go
sad week in our town this week
What the H? lifted leg and peed on chair
Dislikes brushing
SheepiePalooza Routes
skin complaint
Woohoo! Our first points!
Dog in Dumpster
Ali's Checkers win in Texas today!!
I wish we could post a "scratch and sniffs"!!
OES bearing Mother's Day gifts

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