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Jenny is 1 today
Help! My Family Will Not Get Another OES!
OCD prone? Or just clean!
Walleyes and blindness
Curiouser and curiouser. . .
Flea medication from petedge
Found out why George may be sick.
A Needle in a Haystack/ Searching for lost dog
Happy Birthday..........
looking for a SQUARE Angle Food Cake pan
show dogs die in HOT van.....(not oes)
Where is Parking for Central Park?
Finished the February Lady Sweater
Can I let my dog get wet?
Farrah Fawcett
A rescue quiz
Michael Jackson dead at 50
It is Official! Old English Sheepdogs are BEST!
Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson
Vote for me
INDIANA Rabies Law -- Delaware County
Anyone in the lower MI/OH area...
Grape Salad Recipe
No More Ice Cubes :(
Doggie Stress or Labor?
Bunnies Again!
SYTYCD--new season
Questions about rescue groups and being a foster
Unexpected Accountability!
Bug Bites or shall I say Bites Bugs
Miniature Bears
What are your plans for the 4th of july
Guess I was tired last night
Mini sheepie fest!
Eleven and 1/2 yrs of steadfast refusal to go out in rain!
rise too early
Billy Mays too?
OES Information please!
The most obnoxious man in world died...and it's very sad
how often water
Blue is 2
I am so bummed......
Agility Training Book????
Frontline alternative
Trainer locations/recommendations in northern Michigan
Deaf Dog Questionnaire
Anyone here had gastic bypass surgery?
To shave or not to shave
My tubes is tired, what should I do?
Kristine (Mad Dog) and Macy have a brag.....
Nails - Grinding vs. Clipping
Happy 4th birthday Ollie ...
puppy loose stools
Why do we like Cats? ...from barfing to peeing in sinks
Obedience training question
when your OES's best friend has to be put to sleep??
Training book/dvd suggestions
Go get him!
Why Do Puppies Eat Grass?
Int./Mex./Ltn.Am./Am Ch. Gwynedd's Dunk 'N Disorderly, C.G.C
What NOT to do when your dog needs to lose weight
Happy 1st Birthday Bally!
Pet Airways
Georgie Peaches ...
Every two hours all night....HELP
NY Breed club?
Panda Bear
What Fruits and Veggies?
Pirate ate raw pork chops...should I panic?
Owen's secret discovered!
Neoplasene: Cancer Combatant
Where can I get OES T-Shirts? Right here!
A sheepie getting a bath
dinner with Val and Henry
Anyone have a good shish kabob recipe?

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