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Happy Birthday, Matisse!!
XMAS Card Exchange...keepsake ideas!!
New OES puppy left alone with two existing dogs?
Taco Soup Recipe (great for large crowds)
Ice fishing and a fast OES
Joke alittle off color
Crock Pot/Slow Cookers????
Wishing Kim (oldenglish) a speedy recovery
Replacing Rosebushes
Talking Dog Jokes
American Idol
Help, Adopted an OES but having some training issues...
Quick question about LOST
Crock Pot Lasagna Recipe
Crock Pot Chicken Fajita's Recipe
Tender Pork Loin in Crock Pot Recipe
look at this sweet boy in ky
Throwing up & loose stool
Fettuccine Alfredo - The Real Deal Recipe
Worst Handler EVER
Eggplant Parmigiana Recipe
You may live in Chicago (humor)
Just Like Tigger
Pissed at Annie
We are going to be PARENTS!!!!!
Cracked/Broken Nail :(
felony or misdemeanor?
OES in St. Louis, MO
Crazy in the car
Off all the things!
Does your OES talk back to you?
Weaning from the crate?
I am freezing!
Sweet Success in Potty Training!
Slime - Article: Police Say Man Posed as Female Vet
I'm a slacker
Help - Won't Drink Water in the House!!!!
Diary of a demented snow shoveler
Bite my butt
blue eyes
Plane Crash in the Hudson
Biting and fighting with other dogs = human victim
Constant Licking
Breeder in/around Kentucky
how to get dogs used to a baby?
Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia (PCD)
DH just bought me a dremel
Good day to clean the oven
Garfunkel Goes To The Vet
I'm pretty sure I saw Henley on Rt 130 in South Jersey today
Hudson got snipped....poor puppy
LA Area Dog Grooming and a Claim to Fame!
puppy's great! papers never arrived?
Funny story from Florida trip-hubby and the elderly aunt!
Well he's definitely not a guard dog!
Snickerdoodles move on over... Ginger Cookie Recipe
Hello from the snow
Wish us luck in our first show tomorrow!
I'm bored. Let's play 70's shows "theme trivia"
Anyone use Nick Chavez hair system
I finally had enough guts
Andrew Wyeth 1917-2009
I swear I did not get my breakfast.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the Big Man Ron!
Big Love
High Electric Bill
Fish Oil supplements - what do you use
There will be no NICO!
Santa bit the dust
I was alerted of a message
rescued boy is pacing the floor!
musings about the negativity of my parents...
The Change (Ladies Only)
Grumble about lack of sleep

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