Help - Won't Drink Water in the House!!!!

I desperately need help!!!

My Bernese Mountain Dog Dudley WILL not drink water in the house. All summer/fall there is a bucket out back in the yard for them (Him and Murphy) to drink from when they are in and out of the house. But now that it's winter, the bucket has been put away, but Dudley refuses to drink from the MANY water bowels, dishes, buckets, tubs, etc. that I have placed all over the house. No way.. no matter what I do.. he will not drink from them.. he will stand at the back door and bark and whine and smack his lips and lay down like he's dying from dehydration, until i give in and take him out back and dig the bucket out of the garage and put water in it.........then he will drink and drink and drink.

I am at a loss as what to do.. I have stopped with the bucket, no matter how much he barks and whines, but he will not drink in the house, he will eat snow, drink from the streams on our nightly walks.. try to drink from puddles..but will not drink from the bowels in house. I have started to put a little water in his food just to get some moisture in him.

It's been 5 days since he has had a "bucket" drink, so other than eating snow and drinking from the fresh water stream, he has not had any water.

I have no clue what to do.
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Some are just stubborn. He knows where he wants to drink and that's just it. Fill the bucket inside and slep it to the door, set it just outside and let him drink and then bring it in. Set the bucket down beside the door. Leave it there until next watering time and carry it back out. (plenty of floor towels and protection......its a Berner afterall)

Maybe one of these days he'll let you keep the bucket inside.......don't count on it. MO has to have her 6 pm watering outside too. Fortunately she will drink inside too.
I've tried that.. bringing his bucket inside, leaving it by the door, nope.. I evenutally have to take it outside for him to drink out of it..I must admit, that I do go through this every year.. but it usually only lasts until November.. this year has been EXTREME.

I guess my big fear is that he will dehydrate. I have even resorted to putting Tim Bits in the water hoping that he would bob for them..nope..
No advise, just had to say Dudley has been on of my favorites since I joined this site a few years ago.

:ghug: to Dudley1
Oh bless, let him drink out of the bucket, must be a doggy thing! I used to have a yorkie that would only eat from one particular tiny saucer! :roll:
can you move the bucket closer to the door every day? i know its a pain, but maybe youll be able to get the stubborn monster to drink inside....

tell him aunt darcy thinks he's crazy....its too cold out...bbbrrrrrr
What about trying as you are doing the bucket inside by the door with a towel under it for the dribble factor and get some chicken stock and add to the water. So it is like a really watered down chicken soup, might be enough to tempt him then, just the chicken smell coming from the bucket, and if he does he is getting the fluids he needs inside then. Makes the whole bucket of water tempting for him to try and hopefully drink inside.

If it works then progress to a water bowl instead of having the big bucket at the door. :wink:
Well, I caved last night.. I dug his bucket out of the garage, filled it up and he drank and drank and drank. When done, I put it inside by the back door, I have numerous bowels and buckets of water all over the house. He acts like he is afraid of them. He sees the other dogs drink out of them inside... I just don't know.

I am going to try the chicken stock, good suggestion Lisa.
I have no suggestions. ...just wanted to say your avatar is too cute!! :)
Joahaeyo wrote:
I have no suggestions. ...just wanted to say your avatar is too cute!! :)

Thank you.. I think he's some cute.. even if he is a monster.
what about some peanut butter or something he likes round the bucket inside the house, then a smaller bucket then a Ok. sorry I just think it is amusing. you have got to admit it.... :wink: :wink:
My lab is the same. This may not have as much to do with your dog as it does your home. You may have a mold/fungus problem in your house. Do some research. Its crazt what mold and such can do. That ended up being our problem and it was a shock.
OMG, my berner, Barry, is exactly the same way. I could have been the one posting this! We even got a fountain like water bowl thinking he'd be attracted to the running water...but alas, like all our other watering devices, he acts afraid of it. The problem we have is the water bucket outside freezes, so he's running around eating snow and pawing at the frozen puddles. Our new idea is a heated bucket outside... hoping he'll accept this (and it isn't too warm, you know, the Goldilocks syndrome!). If he HAS to drink outside, so be it, just hope he stop plopping his head on the side of the bed at 3am, and whining, "I'm thirsty"! LOL
Sprocket is the same-won't drink inside-only out but it does save a lot of mess as he likes to put his foot into the water first before drinking! xx

:wag: :tea: :headbang:
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