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M in Atlanta, GA at Fulton County Animal Services
new Thanksgiving recipes
Info on breeder in Minnesota / Help w/ logistics for sheepie
Lenox China pattern-Autumn
1st Class...fingers and toes crossed!
Hudson's latest badness adventure - will he EVER stop?
Slightly morbid OES age poll.
Welcome Home Soldier, Welcome Home.
The Express
Got puppies?????? ALMOST!!
Irritating Habits of Co-Workers
places to visit in Fairfax VA area
found this on my oodle not sure where it is free oes
Who is dressing up their dogs for Halloween?
Election issues website info?
Do your ears hang low?
Strange behaviors by my 8 month old puppy!!
good website
Masked Intruders Broke Into My House!
Poor Poppy!
Too Many Of Our Dogs Have Cancer. What Can We Do?
Boy in trouble in Jax, FL
twice unlucky?
Birthday coming, and good/bad behavior
young male in SLC
My darling Amber has passed.
HELP!! Minnesota OES Girl to be PTS. URGENT!!!
Does your Vet charge a medication refill renewal fee?
PTS for my girl sheepie in Minnesota. URGENT!!!! Moorehead
"Its me or the Dog" in Atlanta
Crate Recommendation
Seattle Sutton Healthy Eating plan
A triumph for Gabe :)
F at Animal services in Tampa, Florida
Wedding Invitation
Good Vibes Please!
Spooky food
F Sheepie x Otterhound Marble Falls, TX
Dishnetwork or Direct TV?
Ben M Old English Sheepdog Mix Needs Home Coleraine, MN
Vladimir's Velcro Voodoo : WOW =)! ThankYOU4Ever! (sara)
1 yr M Old English Sheepdog Needs a Home Dellroy, Ohio
Single Pup in Litter
Sheepdog x Malamute Needs Home Molalla , Oregon
English Sheepdog X Pyrenees NEEDS Home Fulton, MO
Sheepdog X Schnauzer Needs Home Eastern Oregon
Herding guests
Old English Sheepdog Needs Furever Home FRESNO, CA
Old English Sheepdog Needs a Home in High Prairie, AB Canada
Old English Sheepdog Needs a Home, Adopt in Blountville, TN
wee Old English Sheepdog Puppy Needs Home Juneau Wisconsin
Are there any big events in Florida?
Is it a ball or a pumpkin?
Halloween kitty litter cake
Can someone help me
Thinking about getting a sheepdog
Chandi Is 1 Year old today!
Dogtor J
Thanks Everyone , your kind words do help
Help Old English Sheepdog Tampa, FL Needs Home
OES mix; Wheaten? Charlotte hall, MD. has issues.
Atlanta- Sheepie Day in the Park Nov 9
Remember my Darcy (OES)
to my talented friends
Another Rescue????
Shaggy dog gifts
New Guy Learning
pink Hair's a........
4 Month Old Female OES in Illinois
Stinky Farts are healthy for you .........I think?
Walking with 2 sheepies
How do you deal with a puppy jumping on people?
Wedding Invitation.. Update
I sould have been born a bear
Looking for our old dog in Texas
RLS - Restless Leg
The Worst Wedding You Ever Attended?
club for my oes
Farley is back
Getting videos on-line
Morgan Update
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