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We are taking the plunge...
Midwest OES Rescue Fundraiser-- You're all gonna want one!
Housetraining going well except for when she only stares
Couple more shots of shaved 90lb sheepie with a tail (Ollie)
Who is an OESCA member?
Gabriel wins BEST IN SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Help! Newly 8 month old pup is getting aggressive
Apple & Chipotle Salsa Recipe
Another Newbie Clipper!
help! we're moving to belgium!
When dogs run their faces along furniture
MEET FOZZIE at Chicagoland Pet Expo
Happy Birthday Hudson (Evil Puppy)
A complete turn around
Our club made the front page of the St. Louis Post Dispatch
Two dogs at rest...finally....sigh
New sport for sheepies
OES wins Pastoral Group in Crufts 2009
you just will not believe what Blue did
sitting on heads
Speaking of new sheepie sports (mutton bustin' on the rise)
Pearl did it!!!!!!!
Girl dogs with eating disorders
Crock potting Corned Beef and Cabbage
Guinness's upcoming THR
Mariah is 9 years old today
OES activities
saw my derby
Vacuum Recommendations???
He is filthy
Visiting the Rheumy
Laika turned off the lights 4 times last night!
New flooring what to get
Gaston, NC - Older OES, PTS March 19th!
Needs a new home in Indiana
If my white rice comes out slimy...
BO HO!! You Guys forgot my B-Day today
Barking in car
My beautiful girl, Kaluha
Health Insurance Companies for dogs in Canada?
Markham Park Pet Festival 2009, Broward County, Florida
Pre-planning for Gardening season with Kody...
chewing gum STUCK to paw
anyone else have an oes with a pink nose????
Loried's Bella Passed Away
Does anyone remember Angel
Annie is Still Kickin' at 12 yrs
I'm Getting My First Puppy
anyone in Bay Area, CA?
Vaccines & Pregnant Dogs
Training books by Adam Katz?
slow cooker with Sausage Casserole Recipe
Humane Society fustrations
Mud eating
Objects to chew....any strange habits out there?
The Paris Coat
What do the different barks mean?
Not a good day
Spring Cleaning of the cyber sort
Family's dog eats $400
Raisins & Grapes
Easy Curry Chicken Recipe
How good is your dog at herding!?!
Peanut Chicken Recipe
I found a sheepdog at Goodwill!
Multiple Autoimmune Disease Disorder
Weight loss - successes?
Extreme herding
Look at this and add yours

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