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Dog Wormer info
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Pet Smells

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A Good Example- Rehoming An OES Responsibly
Shows in Minnesota this weekend
Too food motivated?
Dog Seatbelts- Harnesses For In The Car?
Cool site... OES STAMPS
Tonks and Luna's Summer cuts!
Heart is next!!!!!
How does one know they need stitches from a cut?
Do the ever stop?
Question-What brand of Mosquito/tick repellent do you use?
Name game
Marley and Me-The Movie
Been told by another dog owner to get Archie done!
Willow's large wiggle butt-weight
picture in corner gives me the CREEPS !
Oprah's Mar-A-Lago Turkey Burger Recipe
It's Friday and my boss is off.
Anyonne have an indoor grill/skillet they love?
Toxic Mulch - Warning!
Mexican Pizza Recipe
Need crab cake recipe
On-line bill paying
Get together confusion....
Poppy's first Dog Show!
1-2-3-4 Cake Recipe
Deaf boy in utah
TICK!!!!???(skin crawl emoticon)
Looking to adopt OES in Arizona
vomiting advice please
Introducing myself
Play dates
Remo's declining health and insensitive people
windows opened or closed?
"Fairbancks of Snowboot Bears"
Basic shampoo
The Hue and Cry
27 Dresses
Losing Pigmentation on Nose
beef bones
Just wondering about weights for puppies
Little scabs, are they hot spots?
Red patches under fur?
OES Friendly bug repellant?
Water, water, everywhere
Three year old Xingxing has to leave her parents
I want to hunt them down and kick the c@#p out of them
I think i have a scaredy cat!
Maggies First Points
Almost as good as an Apple Empanada Recipe
Heart's NEW DO!!!!!!
Chauncey & I are looking for a foster home
Yippee for Gabriel!!!!
My dog is itchy only when he has short hair?
A SALUTE to our Armed Forces - AGAIN
Walking or not
Remo update - this is short one
big love and rescue me
Happy Birthday
New addition to Archies funny tricks
The bath.. but why?
Odd question
Karen your photos of Sweetpea and Poppy are priceless!
TWO years old!!
ahhhhhhh AC
Getting older OES HELP
Does your dog smile?
A big help
OMG!! It Happened Again!
Puppy shots and socializing - a question...
Not a movie - but a magazine star
Linus Got Neutered Today
Cross your fingers for us please.....its leave time!
Summer's haircut.
Highly recommend this cushion....
looking for an OES michigan, who may be looking for me!
Hurray! I'm back I'm BACK!!!

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