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ah dating life with 2 bozos
Steve Schott, President TXOESR
Hates collar.. Won't walk on leash.. Help?
Question regarding "teacher" qualifications
Herding the absent slave
Older lady in Omaha
Illusion Collars for sale
Happy 2nd Birthday!!
Is my OES too skinny?
Ok the adult sheepie hair is here YIKES!!
But! I don't want a cat - Part Deux
Minnesota Show this weekend
Rubbing head on wall corners
open letter....from Heart
fostering a sheepie
Langley buried his breakfast
HELP! 5mo.old, Penelope, is getting rougher with our toddler
Genetic Diseases
Langley's first puppy class
Games/Tricks to teach?
Constant constant licking and barking
Speaking of Lure Coursing.......
Trimming and shaping the body
Ice cream-Machines, Makers and Recipes
Up all night...
Testing hips...
Ronco Rotiessier (Rotisserie) thingie
Cna yuo raed tihs? Olny 55 plepoe out of 100 can.
Old lady lumps?
Hi all! We are new OES owners!!
Favorite Cookies?
The old man Paddington
Happy Birthday Cozette
Cozette's Birthday Party! FL forum Members?
Octomom reality show
Small town...
BVA Hip Scoring
Athlete's Paw!
I've ruined his coat
Willoughby's cousin!
Reaction to pain meds
UK Anybody feel like being a sheepie foster mum/dad
Scary! Friday next week comes the Removal Van
Is it better to crate puppies together or seperate?
Hello from California
lumps and bumps
What sound does an owl make? (trick question)
Bad Dog Park Behaviour
Langley Swam!
Dilema - stepsons girlfriend at our house alone ... ?
Dog bit my dad last night
Delicious and Quick Scones Recipe
PFDs Personal Floatation Devices for Dogs-Doggy Life Vests!
Begging at the table
Very enthusiastic barking
Rescue in Illinois and Indiana
Help! Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder GT Reviews Please
Another close shave ....
Onions truth or false
Squirrel 2, Sheepdogs 0
Feels like a first date..kind of
Happy Birthday Maizie (old English)
I went to a garden party
MN Twin Cities Specialty Weekend
My friends beloved Jack
Paddle boat ride
what to do???what to do???
Harrington's summer style
Does anyone know of a breeder in CT?
How to make burgers?
TEXAS Rabies Law--Bell County
Dr. W. Jean Dodds Latest Vaccination Schedule
Laika's humping Langley
ok basic 101 grooming
Just Groomed Mequpak ~8.5 months
Please cross-post this on all animal forums...IMPORTANT!!!

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