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Looking for groomer in Hampton Roads, VA
Temp Foster or New Home Avail: I just lost my Sheepie
arriving in FL on monday!!!!!!
gentle leader (is he to old?)
Magic De-matting Cream!
I need some help-Flour Bug problem!!!
should i weight?
Diarrhea, vomit, not eating and lethargic
Hilarious Commercials!!!
New Orleans vs Las Vegas
Glucosamine Chondrointin
Store bought Rotiserrie Chicken
Multi-Sheepie Households - Please Help!
Inquiring Minds Want To Know!
Post on the lower portion of your refrigerator!!
Looking for an OES stuffed animal
quality breeder, or not?
Andy Has An Enlarged Liver.
Shameless pandering....apologies if this isn't okay...
Thank you all
Beware--Hartz 4 in 1 product DANGER! WARNING! CAUTION!
Ohio OES show
The Bear
The Cleaning of the Garage
Bally is home!
SUPRELORIN as an alternative to neutering - any experiences?
How Much to Feed?
WWWHHHAAATTTT!?!?!?! New one on me...
'Fishing' Phone Calls
Molly new arrival
Help! Chewie still needs a good home
Bikers do rescue
We had our first garage sale...Portage worked the hardest.
Congrats to Hamlet: BOS at the Swedish OES Cub's Show!
Third try a charm..
We have a new Champion!!
Casey Car Chasing Improving
New territory today
Kitchen Remodel Update...
chewing gum!
off to the tropics
Willoughby and his pool
Really Proud of Myself!!
Henry would like to brighten your day
good morning america!!!!!!!
food: need of weight gain and sensitivity with new rescue
Poofy butt/ show grooming
In Car Behavior - weird
When to take off puppy food
Another Puppy Mill closed!
Brave Pup!!!!
Bella is 4 years old!!!!
Banana Cake with Cream Cheese Icing Recipe
And Gabriel is now......
I'm Back!
Mrs. J
Titers test
How to say in Italian
Just whining
Less Sinful Banana Pudding Recipe
New all natural blanket
Too much weight loss too fast?
Milwaukee's really beginning to ROAR
Quinnie is 5!!!!!!
Real Basic Brush Question
Possible Hurricane Gustav
Yellow/Green discharge
A question for the cat owners
Can you believe this? Some people make me sick.
Soldier Hollow Classic in Utah
URGENT! Can you open your farm land to people evacuating?
Could Baloo be pouting?
Saturday morning flyball
Upate on Brother-in-law
My place of business has been "aquired"
A cure for an itchy dog? Temeril-P
OES Member of the year!!
My Little Girl Hailey
Loss of Appetite + Ate a Flip-Flop

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