I need some help-Flour Bug problem!!!

I have flour bugs. Don't know where they came from, don't care, just want them gone.

If you have ever had flour bugs you know what I'm talking about when I say they are HARD to get rid of.

I discovered them in the middle of winter and cleaned out the cabinets, I washed them out with hot soap and water and everything that went in was carefully checked and washed and put back.

I still have flour bugs.

Does anyone know of a fool proof way to get rid of them?
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You will need to get rid of everything that is a grain product in your house. Even if you can't see bugs in the product, the potential for eggs is too great a risk.
Clean thoroughly.
When you purchase new grain items store them in either air-proof containers, or in the fridge.
I put EVERYTHING in Tupperware/Sterilite or in my fridge or freezer. Take them out of the cardboard boxes and toss the boxes. I haven't seen them in a long time now.
I also put in tupperware and also in the fridge or freezer... don't bake much, but I know what you mean about those pesky bugs. You might call an exterminator to see if they have a solution to the issue.
A problem since man started storing grains.

They will readily feed upon pet food,cereal, pasta, spices, rodenticide, dried fruit and vegetables, eggs of other insects, nuts, grass seed
and just about anything which can provide nutrition.

The adults live up to five years with the female laying eggs every day of her adult life.....wonderful. The eggs are glued onto shelves, in crevices, etc. so washing may not be enough. You need to vacuum every nook and crany.

As was mentioned, discard everything that may have been infested. Seal it in plastic and throw it into the garbage least they get out of the can...oh yes they can.

Yes, you should spray insecticides.......tho most of us sure don't want to. Get Baygon with the little straw attachement so you can spray in all crevices, baseboards. Spray every cabinet since they can hide where the dishes are as well as in the pantry. If you have rodenticides about (D-Con) for example, get rid of it...even if it's in the attic. Probably with dogs you don't have the baits.

My problem was centered with bird food stored outside. The buggers found a crack and crawled into the house to continue in the kitchen....grrrr. Who knew the bottom of the can was rusted and the buggers were crawling out?

Permethrin is actually better to use especially if your problem is house wide.......oh the horrors. Either Baygon or Permethrin will need to be reapplied to break the repo cycle.

Finally, the Pheromone based traps are good for monitoring infestations but not good at cleaning up problems. They can alert you to a rise in unwelcome guest numbers so you can get busy again.
Sheepie Boss, Thanks for the information! that was useful and informative. I don't currently have a kitchen, but when I do, I will print that out and laminate it and store it in my pantry so I will know exactly what to do in case I ever get a problem again....

Again, thanks
our house keeper years ago had us put egg shells in the pantry. after you break the yolk out let it dry out and then place them in the pantry......
What do flour bugs look like? I have teeny black bugs that look a lot like fleas but they're not. Wondering if this is what I have. They eat right through plastic bags.
Yep, could be them. Summer is horrible for them. They will get in flour, pancake mix, noodles, crackers, basically any grain.
I don't put my grains in the freezer but I do seal the conatiners in plastic bags.
Bob & I do Civil War reenacting and he got the bright idea to make hardtack ( flour, water, salt crackers ) a few years ago and forgot them in the cupboard for at least a year!!!!
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