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Pet Smells

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Why are plugs on the wall? I want floor outlets!
Gran Torino
Dam Hot!!
I give up!!!!
Whose doggie was on NBC Today Show?
Asia & I met Suzieptcruise/Duffy/Dreamer
I need help picking out flooring
2X weaves
Best ways to get pee out of carpet? Help!
Rules of Thumb
Moving cross country
Never really been around a dog...Nor an OES
The Great Underwear Snatcher of 2009 - Help!
Wound on....testicles?????
Why do men spit?
Two sheepies...two crate...conflict!
My dog attacks the Broom
Bike riding with a pup!
Hudson's first shaving.
Big BIG Trouble
AFL VS NFL todays game!
Laptop, notebook and computer advice please.
Online shoppers- a new way to save money!!!
TV EXPERTS NEEDED. Totally Black screen and no sound! :(
World's Best Movie Popcorn
Fingers crossed for Sweetpea
Why can't I find a Good Job in the USA?
Sunny, Warmer, oh no-MUD!
New Drug in Schools
Happy Birthday Debcram (mama!)
Dr. Dodds to answer vaccine questions soon on NaturalOES
the weather is driving billy crazy
Dog Raincoats?
Buffett, he's my hero
I hate living in NE Missouri.
NE Missouri OES
OES in Westminster album
I did it
What to do for a Stiff Neck!!!
Internet Coupons
Slumdog Millionaire
T-shirts from Sheepiefest of the West
The Proposal
6 year old male OES w/ excellent manners now peeing in house
Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia (PCD) article.
Ointment for minor cuts,bites etc,suggestions please.
Its a wonderful life
Baby Finn has the whitest whites(teeth)
Howdy from TX!
Movie-Mr. Brooks
I want to wear contacts
Oliver is Two!
Not a Sheepie, just so very sad
Valentines dinner, what do you think?
Pirate the humper
Paying your overdue utility bill.
please help me decide to buy an OES
Dont understand people sometimes
Bad news and good news
Battery Packs for Cars - Plug-In (Plugin) Autos and Hybrids
Westminster show
Dog at shelter--DuPage County Illinois
Toddlers and puppies
Good news for Sweetpea!
Oh Gordon, you've been a naught boy!
Lion cut?
Mini cupcake baking tray
Building a Teeter
Stroke Update!
Sheepie made cuteoverload
Happy Birthday babies!
Plane Crash close to home
It's Friday the 13th. Are you superstitious?
Happy Valentine's Day!
Does Anybody Here Have a Business Geared Toward Kids?
Summary of Life (Funny)
dog food co-op
ahhh craigslist
What do you think about funerals/wakes for dogs?
International Virtual Dog Show

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