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Holiday merger complete!
Dog vs Crate Update
Anyone so excited about Christmas
It's officially Festivus
Any Rescue Organisations in Melbourne, Australia?
Scammers got my credit card number!
Merry Christmas!!!
Bozo, Gar and Ray Rayner on Christmas Eve
Tracking Santa!
Anyone else at work today (Dec. 24)?
Venting over visit to vet.
Baxter, 1 year old in Ontario, Canada
merry christmas
Doggies decorate the tree
One MAD teenager. and an eariely psychic dog
Santas Been here in Oz!
Merry Xmas. Happy Holidays-The 12 Days of Puppy Christmas!
Made these for a Xmas snack-Crab Rangoon Recipe
Book of pedigrees - AUS & NZ
Polar Bears And Dogs ( Great to watch!)
Chistmas Dinner
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!!!
My BEST Xmas Present EVER!!!
What are some good Charities to give to?
I should know better
Letting it Out
First Major Snow Storm and a Sheepie...
I did it! I cut it all off!
You be the judge (and jury)
Three of a kind
I'm so proud
The day after Xmas Fun-NOT
Happy Holidays and thanks for the cards!
surprise gift
Late Merry Christmas!
To Old to go back to School???
Land O' Lakes show in Minnesota
Heart's first Christmas...with PEOPLE!!!!!!
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Know of any OES in SF, CA ??? (free! walks!)
Brown Chin Hair
Holiday Cards at Baloo's house
Nail Trim Bleed - Aftercare?
Desperate...Need Housebreaking Help
Hudson finally got to join the people!
Jumping on kids only
Who cycles with their sheepie?
Card Hiccup -dagnabit!
Some Scary Weather!
Plastic palettes for garage?
Finally became a member
Car Wash
Pouncing and stomping like a horse ?
Pyr X OES intro, central New Hampshire USA
Benjamin Button
Has anyone seen Marley and Me yet?
How I know I'm getting old (er)
Sooo....what'd ya get???
Fast help pls - Possible Food Allergy?
Panda got her own present
Fun Sheepdog Stuff!
Mount Laurel, New Jersey Playdate
puppy eating so fast
Just want to wish you all a wonderfull New Year
New Icon needed
Getting fixed - no overnight?
Coccyx Calamity!
Shaving a young sheepie...yeah or nay?
Florida Vacation....fight
Help please. Deaf dog driving my neighbours crazy
Bob and I go on Weight Watchers
I dig this
Portage just got back from the vet
Grumpy old relatives.
Fiesta Dinnerware
Lots of Gas

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