Getting fixed - no overnight?

The appointment(s) have been set up for Dublin to get spayed (sp?). Our vet wants her there in the morning and we pick her up in the afternoon. Under no circumstances will she stay overnight - even after I offered to pay more. This is a good vet, highly recommended, and have had no prior problems.

So, I called a second vet - who was our second choice before Dublin came home. This vet will not only keep her overnight, but will do a check up and blood work before to make sure she can go under.

Plus, she has an umbilical hernia that has to be fixed.

Am I being paranoid - does she need to be kept overnight?
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Heart had an unbilical hernia repair and was spayed at the same time... and came home that evening. I did ask the vet to do a blood test before the procedure to make sure all was normal, which it was.

She came home and did whimper and whine at times that night..but she had meds for the pain. The next day she was a lot better. AND the next day she acted fine although I still had to watch her until she was rechecked by our vet.

IMO...I am glad that Heart didn't stay overnight. I think she was much more comfortable at home ...being with us....and I was more comfortable because she was home so I could take care of her.....

Keep us posted...good luck...
She is better off at home with you. My sheepie girls were spayed later as 6 plus year olds, my first sheepie girl while being spayed had her umbilical hernia pushed in while they were spaying her. So no big deal. :wink: getting that done at the same time. And better she is home with you that day and as late as possible to collect her.

You find she will be better off at home then staying overnight, most vets dont have people in attendance all night.

Make sure you drop her off early and collect her as late as possible that day, don't feed her that night, just make sure she has drinks and feed her the next morning after the operation. Some dogs can vommit after being under anasthesia or have loose bowel movements.

Best wishes with your baby and keep her quiet (No charging around, jumping up etc etc) till the stiches are removed. :wink:
Tiggy came home that night after speying and umbilical hernia repair.
She was groggy but really happy to be home. My vet said offer her half a meal if she wants it as the surgery was quite early.

Did she want to eat. OF COURSE!!! And then looked around for the other half.

Lisa's right lots of vets dont have staff on overnight. And there's more germs at a vets than at you place.
Mine have always stayed overnight, in fact two nights. It is part of our vets routine and I happen to agree with his rational.

The first 24 hours, they are kept heavily sedated for comfort. Then they move to oral pain meds and he starts liquids. After they tolerate liquids, he adds regular food.
By the time they go home, they are in great shape. We keep them on pain meds for the first day at home and then only if needed.
He very rarely has any issues that show up in the dogs by the time he sends them home.
I love not hearing my furkids in pain.

My dogs love, love, love the vet.
The only thing I can add that is- When Snowy was spayed she was a overnight. But the next day was told that she needed to stay another night. She had gotton VERY black and blue. She was worried that she might be a bleeder. I guess its what you are confy with. We seem to have a 2 time on here ya/na is equal.
Ours always come home the same day. I wouldn't let them stay anyway. Most vet offices don't have staff there overnight - so why have your dog alone, in a strange place to boot??
Also, I am a nurse, used to carring for humans after major surgeries. I would rather have mine home with me, with me checking on them.

Keeping them sedated another day actually would be a huge health risk - far greater risk of respiratory complications. I wouldn't recommend having your vet do this! 8O
Bring her home. She'll be comfortable at home plus she'll be away from the horrible "germs" that can float around vet's offices. Can you say Parvo? The pain quotient for dogs varies, some hardly notice it, others are drama queens and kings. Still, all will be better if they are home with MOM and Mom isn't a drama queen, fussy about the dog. Let her sleep, don't feed her until the next day. Ice cubes instead of water, etc
Baloo also came home later the same day. He did have the blood work done first. All was fine with Baloo. I think coming home and resting in his own environment was good for him.

I wouldn't worry too much, but if you are not comfortable with something... always go with your gut feeling.
Thank you all. We are going to bring her home. Dublin never really adapted to sleeping in a crate (but she has her own space), so the thought of her being in a strange place, locked up in the dark is very unsettling. Plus, we have the 24 hour emergency numbers for the vet if something goes wrong.
Good luck.
Hope Dublin breezes through it like Tiggy did.
My biggest problem? She was supposed to keep quiet for a few days and not jump for 2 weeks. :? 8O
Try telling a young sheepie to keep quiet. Nothing changed! She chest butted the pantry at meals, she jumped on, off and over the back of the couch and she tried to initiate wrestles with Rastus. :evil:
I had to seperate them. :roll:
When we had Clancy our Irish Wolfhound spayed, the return home was greeted with such joy she jumped out the car window and over a 5 foot fence. Must have been the drugs because she then walked sideways to her favorite spot beside the couch and immediately fell asleep. No tears or pulls in the stiches, but I needed a drink after that demonstration. 8O
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