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La Grange, Texas: M OES x St Bernard needs home
I got a new coffee maker
Long time reader first time poster.
Weight watchers new program, and bindging
OES with half white/black nose
My 5 Minutes of fame
Xmas lights
Bailey passed her first obedience class!
Bunjee Sheepies
We knew that they're human!
Imagine living next door to these people
Hello from Finland!
LOST Season 5
a good training weekend
These Cute Paws Are Killing Me
They sure learn fast when there's food involved!!
Poor Boy...Razor burn on the wrong spot!!!
Henry's 1st Birthday tomorrow!!!
Dreidel emoticon
How can I get a record onto my computer?
Isopropyl Alcohol
Hachiko: A Dog's Story
How long will you live?
My sister sent me a link to a great site.
My Story - by Hayley
CAS Options
Anyone familiar with iTunes???
dog peeing on bed to be spiteful
I just found the perfect letterbox!
Just for fun and a laugh
Kong toy stuffing
When to spay?
Bread Pudding Recipes??
Today, I'm embarressed to be from Illinois
Best Age To Neuter a Monorchid OES?
Anyone seen Bandit?
dog bubble machie
Sarcasm in a sheepie.
max is embarrassed....
Awwwww. You know what is coming, but still...
Diabetic, on drugs or drunk? Does it really matter?
Twilight saga
UTI Symtoms
HELP! I need a recipe that feeds 18
this is funny too
Biggest Loser vote for Ed
Winnetka, CA
What makes a grooming dryer good?
31 years ago today
I had to laugh at this I AM BLOND
Helping homeless pets
Starting Rally on Monday!!
Florida bound! Max's first road trip...
It's not x mas music
Least favorite Christmas song
Razor burn now a small bump
Anyone watch Jon and Kate Plus 8
Christmas Sheepie Carols.......
We Have SNOW in Baton Rouge, LA!!!!!
What do your neighbors think of your ever expanding herd of
One generation and out
We Got Hattie Better!! Then Maizie caught It!!!
Happy Birthday Sunny
The Truth About Herding
Question on Lyme's vaccine
Sheepies, sheepies and more sheepies
Tarheel OES Rescue Christmas Tree
"Viscous" sheepdogs now under quarantine
Not Snow
need help please
Do You Have A Shaggy Dog?
Sewing Machine help!!
Need a new Iron
How to get rid of fleas on my dog
I have the blues today :(
Behavior Help
Getting To Know the Person Above Ya
Sheepie Carollers
Tater 10/11/00 - 12/10/08

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