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attn: runners/joggers(aka crazy ppl)
hello to everyone
Sweet Pineapple w/Meatballs Recipe
Sheepie vs. Golden
Kennel Cough :(
I'm going to my first concert
throwing up blood
Konetco Flooring
obed and rally match - Waukesha, WI July 25, 2008
I do tricks website
Notifying authorities when your pet passes on.
so happy agility training is paying off...grrrrr
Does your sheepie have their own chair?
Water connoisseurs
Echo bit me
I'm Back
OOPS!!! She did it AGAIN!!!!
Happy Birthday Bogie!!
Bogie's First Birthday!!!
Ole Blue, 1989 - 2008
I am so excited
A Cold Bud, a Brownie, and...
Rescuing a Sheepdog soon, how do I introduce him to my cat?
Need to find home for Sophie in SC
bee sting duffy must be allergic
Hudsons Canadian Cheddar Cheese Soup Recipe
Need your help and wisdom here!....Hudson's at it again.
Two littermates with Cancer (not OES)
Coulson has passed
Boni's got Lyme Disease!!!
not a rescue but he is fearful?
What to do?
Some have it hard
Is it a hot spot?
Graham in Florida needs a home the groomers?????
Crate XXL???
Cheyenne is turning into a puppy UGH.
Brad and Angelina's babies
Christian The Lion Reunited with former owners
holiday news
Does your sheepdog bark?
If I put olive oil in the fridge
Who's planning on entering performance in MN/08 Nationals?
Afternoon Siestes
Khobi - the siamese
New Orleans
PETA Attacks Rabies Challenge Fund -- Fund Response
Looking for an Opinion on Health Ins. for Plato
OESCA DNA blood drive for future research - IMPORTANT!!!
Project Runway, Season 5
Lost weight at kennels: best way to fatten him up again?
Grandaughter 2mths & Suzi has home!
My focus is gone!
sPElling erRprs
Ghosts smell like spicy pot in my house
Ear Cleaning
the Hazards of back exercises
medical condition dermatomyositis
An Old Man, a Boy, and a Donkey
At a bit of a loss with aggresive "play"
off leash
Happy Birthday karen (Daisymog)
Sweet Boy Baggins
Invisible Fence Question
Hi -
Dirty Sheepie on the sofa???
What do people do to celebrate your Sheepies B'day?
Is my doggie a purebred...?
Recommendations for Chew Toys
Looking for a GOOD Web Cam
Sheepie in a VW commerical
Chewing fur off leg
Ghost Hunters
Portobella Mushroom Burger Recipe
He will not walk

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