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obedience/rally show'n go, Ixonia, WI - Nov 2 '08
Older dog likes new pup? How to tell?
Apple Pie Recipes!
Quick! thoughts please urgent! NOT dogs.
Hello from Queensland,Australia!
I'd love some imput here re adopting an adult OES vs pup
Bella's first trial
John Paul pet detangling spray
hip dysplasia
Break in..................
When will we be able to say.....
Halloween Bat AND Spooky Spider Cupcakes. Boo!
Ontario pet contest
Ginny! Here is an idea--The drive-thru flu clinic!
The ultimate non-threatening gesture
All 3 Presidential debates the same?
Cupcakes made and baked in ice cream cones
Not HD, but loose ligaments? Experiences? Advice?
Best In Show Puppy
hi from wet england
How do we categorize this picture?
Does anyone know if theres a forum in Oz like this?
New book-Speaking for Spot
Cross your fingers for us!
Old English Sheepdog Needs Home in Georgia
Discussion: What dogs to list in this section
Tomorrow I get Verizon FiOS TV
Addison's Disease
Has your dog ever inspired a chip purchase?
10 month Sheepie Boy Needs Home Seattle, WA
Off to work
Sopapillas Recipe
Is this some e-mail scam?
Vermont Country Store Catalogue...Christmas scene Sheepie
a boomer update
not that I obsess much...
Fast and Easy Pork Chop Recipes
Important message to people who involve in animal rescue
OES feasting on dirt - HELP!!!!!
How many times have you seen the same movie?
Pedie Paws Nail Trimmer
Hello from PA
looking for a natures farmacy promo code
Hello from Texas
Ridiculous anxiety attack
Help! Pen in the dryer
Grannie Annie splits a few mats.
Caught red pawed!
The Sorcerer's Book
michigan people-Tell me about Devil's Night
Fleas - help
any sheepie fests up north in the uk?
Halloween Horror!
Ate the Wubba ... advice please!
oes Christmas bells!
Back to his old tricks???
Hello from Minnesota
Repairing a rupture
springer n sheepie
Question about blue eyed OES
Help me not go insane while I wait...
herding other pets
Daughters 20, now what....
Mat Breaker
New Hobby
Tick Borne Disease
Wish us luck...we're off to obedience...
Our mom has been busy!
weekend herding update
Taking out the undercoat?
George is sick
For those with two OES'
Taking the pups' picture
Panda is 5 today!
Top 2-3 grooming tools for a NON-show pooch
How can you tell your dog wants to be let into the house?

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