Abby (the cutest lil thang ya ever did see)

Hi everyone
I joined this forum around a year ago and received some great advice on getting a puppy. It took us a while but we got on a reputable breeder's list and received Abby in July. Our breeder was SO helpful, calling us everyday for the first week to see how we and the puppy were doing. And she's still emailing us back and forth regularly with all the help we need. I dont know if name dropping is alright on here so I wont say her name, but if it is okay to do so let me know because I would love to give her the thanks and gratitude she deserves. I also gotta give props to Verve Up for TONS of help as well while we were in the process of getting our Abby.

So here's a few pics. The 1st 2 are right after we got her and the last is more recent. She's around 15 weeks old now and very well behaved and happy

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What a cute baby Abby! I like her eye patch too.
Abby is so CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!! She makes me want to get a puppy. I will be looking forward to hearing her antics.

Best of luck and congratulations,
Helen, Mom of Violet, China and Pearl
Abby, you are beautiful! :hearts:

Aren't they worth the wait?!!!

Best of luck and enjoy them while they are young, they grow up so fast!
Thank you for sharing your story, I'm glad everything has worked out so well so far! It really pays to do your homework and work with a great breeder.

I'm looking forward to more pics and more stories!
Abby really does have a beautiful little face :D
She's really, really cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations on your fluffy wiggle-bum! I think Bingley is in love . . . :hearts: If you're ever near FL he'd love to play!
Absolutely adorable!!! I love patches!!
Awww... what a cutie!
Joahaeyo wrote:
Absolutely adorable!!! I love patches!!

Gorgeous puppy! I am a bit partial to patches, too. When I got Patch her name was Abigail (Abby) - I loved her patch, so, well, the rest is history. :D
Abby is just a beautiful baby! :lol: Congratulations! Keep the stories and pictures coming!
What a doll!!!!!!!!!!! She is the cutest thing. More pics please!!!!!

Kathy & the gang
Such a sweetheart! :hearts:
Beautiful baby girl, loooove patches too, what a cutie pie she is. :D Congratulations :wink:
Thanks for checking in Bonesy! :lol: Glad she's bringing such joy to your lives! She's adorable!
Love her face!
She's beautiful! Congrats and welcome to the forum!
Congratulations on your beautiful little girl!! :D

Thanks for posting her pictures. 8)
She's adorable!
She is the cutest thing EVER!!
I would very much like to hear the name of the breeder you used. It is always wonderful to hear of a breeder who truly cares abotu teh pups they bring into this world. I would love to keep the name of yoru breeder handy for when I add another sheepie to my family.
okay, if I had to steal two puppies, it would be Edgar and Abby! :D
I want another! haha I love that age gosh you wouldn't know that mine is only 7 1/2. Must resist :lol:

What a Cutie pie!!
:lol: She looks like my baby Pirelli!!!!! :hearts: :kiss: :kiss:
So cute!
Congratulations! She couldn't be any cuter.
Which breeder did you use and would you recommend them?
Congratulations! And yes, I'm partial to patches as well . . . :D
Abby is big girl now; 6 years old. (take a look at the OP date).
Hbcrunch wrote:
Which breeder did you use and would you recommend them?

This post is from 2006.
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