How to can cabbage soup?

I'm almost done with the canning but we have some huge heads of cabbage left in the garden. My husband wants me to put up some cabbage soup, no problem to make but how do I can it? Since it will be cooked already do I need to pressure can for 1.5 hours at 10lbs or should I use less time? Has anyone done this before?
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I think the question shouldn't be "Has anyone done this" and rather "Why would anyone do this?"

This philosophy goes right along with my Stove Top theory!!!!! :P
I haven't done it with cabbage soup, but if you put it in jars while hot, just a few more minutes to get it up to a higher temp should work to get a good seal. I do that with my salsa and tomatoes.

Cabbage soup sounds good - I would love the recipe!
All of us love cabbage, especially cooked in the crockpot with a pork roast. It makes the most tender, moist roast.
I've never cooked cabbage with a roast in the crock pot. Anything special to it? Sounds good. :)
Hmmm, I've heard of freezing and drying cabbage, but never canning. I checked my early 20th century cookbooks and none show cabbage being canned. The high heat neede to seal would tend to break it down. So if you are satisfied with the taste and willing to loose the texture, canning the soup might work. I'd sure do a small test batch first before I put the whole harvest into jars.

I guess that's why saurkraut was so popular. It was one way to preserve the cabbage.

Be safe, contact your county extention agent.......they have a food expert on staff to answer questions like this. Look in the phone book, government, state (usually), agriculture or home ec. or state university)

Try this like:

I keep forgetting how big the rest of the country is....... :wink:

I was just trying to get an idea on how long to process, Sauerkraut (I keep forgetting the spelling) takes 20 minutes in quart glass jars from hotpack. Could you "sorta" raw pack, that is cook the soup for less time and then "cook" it in the jar as it processes?

Cabbage should be canned with a pressure cooker to be absolutely safe to keep on your shelf. If you are using carrots, bell pepper, green beans, tomato, etc... it really should be canned with a pressure cooker. Green beans ALWAYS canned with pressure cooker for a long time. (would have to look in book). Just getting a good seal does not mean that your canning, such as water bath canning, is safe. You also might try blanching the cabbage 3-5 minutes. Or cooking entire soup 5 minutes at a boil. It is better to be safe then sorry so if I am in doubt I pressure can it at at least 10-11 psi for at least 45 min. or longer.
And of course you can cold pack it and pour boiling water over cabbage, making sure to get ALL bubbles out, then can in pressure canner. Some add salt, some do not. And cabbage is also good frozen.
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